February 25, 2024

Workers often face a very difficult process when they are attempting to receive compensation for the injuries they have suffered on the job. And there are some things that workers just do not know about workers’ compensation laws. It is so important for a worker to know as much as they can learn about the law, and how it impacts them when they are speaking with their employer about the possibility of compensation.

Reporting Every Injury

There is a tendency when workers get hurt to try and minimize or downplay the incident. It is not a good idea. Whether it is a small cut or something serious, you should always report the matter. If you are expecting to receive compensation for a major incident, it is good to have a history of honesty in this matter. Your employer will use any misleading statements, or lack of statements, against you.

Visiting a Medical Provider

If you report your injury, and your company advises you to visit a specific medical provider – go there. If they tell you not to go to the emergency room, listen to them. If you ignore the advice and go somewhere else, your employer will use this fact against you when it comes to settling the medical bills.

Get a Lawyer

If you are even a little bit suspicious that your company is giving you the runaround where workers comp is concerned, do not take it lying down. The best thing that you can do is to speak with an attorney. They will know a lot more about Vermont workers compensation law, or the law in your state, than you do. A proper workers comp attorney can talk with you about your case and give you direction as to the next steps you should take.

Get Thorough Medical Records

If you do get treated after the incident, you must ensure that you are telling the medical professional everything that is wrong with you. If you purposely leave out some of the injuries you suffered, you cannot expect to claim compensation for those incidents later. It is not how things work. Ensure everything is included in your records, and show those records to your attorney and your employer.

Do Not Take Your Employer’s Word as Gospel

There are far too many employers that will flat out lie to their employees. These employers will say that certain incidents or injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation. However, they are misleading you 90 percent of the time. Speak to an attorney and tell them what happened. If your employer lied to you, it will not take a lawyer much time to identify that fact. And such lies from the employer can be used against them if you take your case to court.

Remain Sober at Work

This goes without saying, but if you are showing up to work drunk, high or under the influence of painkillers, and you get hurt, do not expect to claim workers’ compensation. You must be in a fit state to work if you expect to get anywhere with your case.