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Time and Billing for Lawyers

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Time is a very helpful resource. A person cannot physically collect it just like money nor store like the tangible materials. Efficient management of time is necessary for the lawyers and the law firms. The lawyers who are well organized can efficiently manage their time. Redirecting their primary purpose of the client, they can use their skills on the end goal for the client itself.

Excellent time management skills and better organization are crucial to a growing legal career. The skills are necessary for the lawyers to meet the commitment to their clients. The primary duty of the lawyer is to resolve the solutions for the customer. Any administrative work aside does not directly impact the resolution for the client. A lawyer may keep the client informed about the status of the matter and also be in compliance with the information requests.

The best way to manage time is by tracking the billable and non-billable time. Tracking while you perform duties can be somewhat formidable when you have set business objectives. It can have significant benefits for you and your company. It will ensure that you have all the billable hours accounted for.  Timekeeping is an important aspect for an attorney who gets billed by the hour. To capture the quantity of the billable time can impact the total time you invest in working to meet the objectives of your billable time.

Your billable time enables you to generate the bills that the clients are aware of and will have to pay. The main thing is to track the time. Time may be missed if the time tracking if the process is cumbersome.  Time tracking is easy to use and makes the process easy. Tracking of time gives a perception into your day. The tracking of non-billable time assists the lawyers to focus on the time invested in administration and marketing.

It is important to know how much time is spent on the activities of the firm or outside the law enterprise. You may not know about the hours you spend in these activities until you track that time. Your money may get unaccounted for due to bad recording habits. Our highly advanced cloud-based time tracking and an invoicing system has been designed to prevent loss of billable hours.

TimesManager makes it simpler for you to track billable and non-billable hours to make sure there is the best utilization of your time and also get big profit for your company. TimesManager facilitates split billing and accessibility for timing and also managing the documents and maintaining the relationships with the customers. It can be from your Smartphone, tablet or computer.