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Tips for Hiring the Right Employment Lawyer

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If you are involved in an employment dispute or you need some clarifications on matters related to employment, then you definitely need an employment lawyer. Lawyers in NY [Mosheslaw] can educate you on state and federal laws regarding wage disputes, wrongful termination, whistleblower protections, defamation, etc. 

It is important to know the right time that you should hire an employment lawyer. It can make a huge difference in regards to recovering lost time, money, damages, and compensation for your loss. 


  • When should you hire an employment lawyer?


At your workplace, you may have issues on matters such as wages and benefits, discrimination, harassment, workplace health, family and medical leave. These issues can sometimes lead to disputes between the employer and the employee. While these issues can be resolved with open communication, having an employment lawyer by your side can help you to get justice and compensation settlement that you deserve.

An employment lawyer will review the merits of a complaint and advise you on the next step, including whether to negotiate a settlement with your employer or proceed to court. The lawyer will also help to protect you from further employment dispute claims. 


  • Finding the right employment lawyer


There are so many ways of finding an employment lawyer. First, you can get referrals from your friends and family. Your family lawyer can also recommend an employment lawyer.  Another option is to check with the local bar associations or lead aid clinics because they usually refer people to lawyers who may help them with their employment-related cases. You can also find an employment lawyer using quality-assured lawyer directories.

The following are some of the factors that you should consider when hiring an employment lawyer

  • Experience

You should ask yourself how long the lawyer has been practicing employment law for employees. You see, employment law is a unique area of law with exemptions and loopholes. So you need an employment lawyer who has been practicing employment law for a while and understands the litigation. 

There are a number of lawyers out there who owns firms and pose as employment lawyers while they haven’t practiced employment law and perhaps are defense lawyers. You should be wary of such lawyers because it takes years to make that transition from a defense lawyer to an employment lawyer.  

  • The number of employment law trials he/she has handled

It’s hard to find trial lawyers these days. Many lawyers fear to go on trial. So you should ask yourself whether you can really get justice if the lawyer who you hire doesn’t go on trial but instead settles the case out. Employment laws are complex, and so you should get a lawyer who takes your case to trial. This will enable you to get the value of your case in terms of a settlement. 

  • Rates

Cheap isn’t always the best. Human nature is to save money and get the best deal possible. Getting the right lawyer leaves minimal room for bargain. You simply get what you pay for. Employment lawyers charge differently. Some charge their rates on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t get paid unless you get paid. Others charge their clients on an hourly basis. You should consider which method work best for you.