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Top 10 Books You Need to Read Before Going to College

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There are thousands of good books that a man should read before he dies. These books have so much to learn and implement in one’s life that an individual can literally transform his life and move in the best direction. However, as the list is very long and one does not have the leisure of free time, here is a list of top 10 books that a student must read before going to a college.

  1. A Short History of Nearly Everything

This is a wonderful book written by Bill Bryson that prepares you to have a comprehension of all important things when going to attend a college. Isn’t it great to learn about nations and civilizations and galaxies and important inventions to be ready with an answer on the campus?

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude

This is a fantastic novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez that teaches you important lessons about the value of your family and friends. You will never go wrong in your relationships once you have read this novel and imbibed the lessons given by the author.

  1. Freedom is a Constant Struggle

This book is actually a treasure house of beautiful essays, speeches, and interviews given by actor, author, activist and teacher Angela Davis. This book will serve as an eye opener for you as you go through the views of the author on subjects like civil rights, oppression, and black exploitation.

  1. This Side of Paradise

This is a classic novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald that is a must read for every student going to college. It is a romantic novel that describes the disillusionment with life of a Princeton student after doing his graduation.

  1. Redefining Realness

This is a wonderful book written by Janet Mock, a transgender. She is a TV host and essay writer who has described how she coped with all the misunderstanding and marginalization that she was subjected to by the society throughout her life. She emerges as an inspiration for all those who are looking for acceptance from others. It is a very good read for all students who are shy and introvert and find it hard to adjust with others in college.

  1. A Farewell to Arms

Written by one of the greatest American writers Earnest Hemingway, this is a classic novel that every student must read before heading to a college. It is said that the writer wrote the novel 40 times in order to make it perfect for the readers. This tells you the effort it takes to become a good student and human being.

  1. They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us

This book is a must for you if you have any interest in music. Written by Hanif Abdurraquib, this book is a collection of music criticism and culture and it will teach you many valuable lessons of life.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Touted as a book for kids, this wonderful book by E B White is just as good for college students. It teaches us how to treat animals and what would we do if animals could share with us their pain and sorrow with us.

  1. What We See When We Read

This book from Peter Mendelsund is all about how we visualize when reading. The book is full of illustrations and you will have many questions to ask after reading it.

  1. Lord of the Flies

Written by William Golding, this book was published in 1954 but it is as useful today as it was then. It talks about a group of boys stranded on an island and left to fend for them.