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Turkish Immigration Requirements and Immigration Lawyers

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Turkish Resident Permit Lawyers 2021 [Reliable Service]

Turkey is one of the leading countries where citizens live in by services such as job opportunities, good education and health services. Turkey’s strategic location is also one of the factors keeping the immigration issue on the agenda. Intense demands on this matter require the support of a Turkish immigration lawyer. On the other hand immigration includes the citizens of foreign countries, who do not want to return to the country after working in Turkey for many years, as well as wanting to leave the country for a reason affecting the quality of life.

The concept of immigration also includes refugees who do not want to return to their country due to a life-threatening or major threat. For whatever reason, the desire to live in a country other than the country of citizenship creates immigration. The management of migration-related jobs is carried on through the Directorate General of Migration Management.

Requirements for immigration to Turkey

There are some criteria that must be met by immigration to live in Turkey. Turkish immigration requirements are determined in detail by the competent authorities. Accordingly, you first need to fulfil the visa requirements to enter Turkey for having regular migration. After arrival in Turkey foreigners who want to stay in Turkey must have a residence permit. Residence permit, is defined as the document received permission from official authorities to live in Turkey by foreign nationals.

In Turkey, receiving a visa to enter the country or the duration of the visa exemption or all foreign to stay longer than 90 days are required to apply for a residence permit. This application can be done through the e-residence system. Foreign nationals whose pre-application process is completed must go to the directorate of migration management in the province / district they want to reside in and complete the application process on the appointment day specified in the system. Foreigners who do not attend the immigration administration on the specified day are considered to have never applied.

What are the Types of Residence?

Residence permit is divided into 6 as short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, long-term residence permit, humanitarian residence permit and victim of human trafficking residence permit. It is important to apply for a residence permit suitable for that scope, in whatever scope immigration is desired. Also, the cost of valuable paper determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the fee that varies according to the country groups must be paid for the residence permit.

Having a residence permit as a result of applications made with necessary documents, the person will get permission to live in Turkey as specified in the residence permit. If you are looking for Turkish immigration lawyer and Turkish immigration offices that will answer your questions and carry on your migration procedures, you can visit and check out the Turkish immigration website. Experienced Turkish lawyers will be your biggest supporter in all procedures.