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Types of Immigration Issues in the UK.

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The UK is seeing more and more immigrants by the day but don’t worry, we have laws in place to ensure that they will provide for our country and be of no threat to the citizens of the UK.
But no matter what, there are always faults and flaws that can happen with Immigration in any country. Below are some common, complex and uncommon issues regarding immigration and also how the UK deals with these issues.

Issues have arisen within the last couple of years regarding UK’s immigration policies. Here are a few of them:

Immigration rates within the UK. Since 1997, the amount of Immigrants coming to live in the UK have increased around 6X the size. In 1997, the average net migration was 48, and in 2016 it has risen to 335. This is still rising and will expect to double in the oncoming future.
Defective Point Based Systems. It has also recently come to light that the UK’s point based system isn’t as effective as stated. The problem with this point based system is that it is primarily selection and not restriction. This is an enabler to the increase of immigration.
Failing UK Border Control. The UK has recently seen an implementation gap. This increases the inability to effectively control the UK’s borders and enforce certain laws. Recently, the Government reduced the staff working within border control, yet still claiming to be as effective as it used to be. The opposite has happened.

When these issues arise, we combat them in various ways. Here are a few:

• Immigration Control Police Units are centred around the UK. They go around and regularly check-up businesses with working Immigrants to ensure they are following the laws, rules and regulations in place. They also check documents and if they hear of any possible illegal immigrants, they begin an investigation and travel to the offender.
• We have solicitors such as London Immigration Solicitors for when any issues with immigration arise, they are the ones who go to court with the offender and take part in quite a few case studies, analyse the situation and fight for an immigrant who is believed to be still able to stay within the UK. This stops meaningless deportation and ensures we keep the citizens that bring up our economy, work force and businesses.
• The Government are constantly changing the UK Immigration Laws and Policies which could be the potential for saving our country from overpopulation, crime and a downfall in economy. The UK recently made a decision to leave the EU. This could possibly be another factor that will bring immigration back to a running state, and seriously benefit the UK.