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Types of Lawyers

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Types of Lawyers and When You Need One | Latest Articles

The law is vast, and so is its field. There is a plethora of facets of law, which means there are also countless fields a lawyer can specialize in. It can get as specific as a divorce attorney who only handles mediation between couples, or as broad as an intellectual property lawyer who handles new inventors and represents large companies. So, if you searched “lawyers near me” on your computer, you’d probably come up with a long list of attorneys who all specialized in something different. If you need legal help in a certain area of life, then try to find a lawyer who specializes in that area.

Types of Lawyers

Although there are countless types of lawyers, most people only ever find themselves in need a few. Perhaps the most common type of lawyer people seeks out is a civil litigation attorney. These are trial lawyers that help people who have been sued or want to sue someone. They can handle your case and argue it in civil court to get you the best possible deal, which is often the most money. Another type of courtroom lawyer is a criminal attorney. These lawyers typically specialize in either prosecution or defense and accompany individuals who have been charged with a serious crime. These are the attorneys you want when you or a family member have been arrested and charged by the state.

Sometimes in life, you might also find yourself seeking out a defamation or libel attorney to help you retain your reputation. These lawyers are called when an act of libel or slander that could reasonably have negative effects on reputation or profits has been committed against and individual or business. There are also business lawyers, who usually work for a company and can either specialize in litigation or transactional law.