February 27, 2024

Of late, personal injury claims have become a common thing in our law courts. When the negligent or intentional actions of an individual, organization, or entity cause physical injury or psychological harm to a third party, they may seek monetary compensation. It is known as a personal injury claim.

At the time, the plaintiff is advised to see seek the services of an injury. These are individuals that have exceptional experience in tort law. They assist plaintiffs get monetary compensation for their loss of earning capacity, present and expected medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress. They also ensure that plaintiffs are not victimized or taken advantage of by insurance companies and other legal systems.

There are various personal injury cases that may cause one to get an Oklahoma City attorney. Below is a list of the most common types of personal injury cases.


  • Motor vehicle accident


In recent years, motor vehicle accidents have caused quite a number of injuries. Some of these injuries become fatal and leads to deaths. In the United States alone, within the first-half of the year 2018, there were more than 17,000 fatal car accidents. Note that I stated numbers in regards to car crashes. That number is exclusive of motorcycles ad bike accidents and is a slight decrease from the numbers reported in 2017.

However, many fatalities happened and more people were injured. In the above case, injured pedestrians, passengers or drivers may have been entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries and financial loss. To get a fair ruling, a car accident attorney is necessary to protect your rights through the whole court process.


  • Medical malpractice


Sometimes, negligence in the part of doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners may cause serious injuries and damages. There are various types of medical malpractices including but not limited to improper treatment, surgical errors, errors during child birth, failure to quickly diagnose chronic illnesses such as cancer and misdiagnosis among others.

Medical malpractice is a serious and complex allegation that requires you to get experienced attorneys from Oklahoma City personal injury law firm. They will access the case and come up with a suitable aggressive plan to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries and loss.                                                                                                 


  • Wrongful death


Just as the name suggests, it is a claim that is brought forward to seek compensation for a person who has been killed due to a third parties carelessness or negligence. These claims arise from situations such as a car accident, medical malpractice, unknowing use of dangerous products, nursing home neglect and deaths that occur during work especially in construction sites.


  • Slips and falls


This is one of the most common personal injury claims. Property owners and landlords have an obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe so as to avoid unnecessary injuries to people accessing the premises.

Not all injuries that occur on the premises warrant for compensation. An injury attorney will assess the situation and advice accordingly.

There are other personal injury cases. Some of which include defamation, dog bites, assault, and battery among others. If you think you have a valid case for a personal injury claim, it is best to look for an experienced injury attorney to guide you through the lengthy legal process. Do not also forget to do some research on what the law states on the specific claim you want to place.