June 19, 2024

Many small businesses today are considering the prospect of acquiring uniform rentals in St. Louis for their employees. There are various benefits to outfitting company employees with standard uniforms. Uniforms can help a business project a professional image and establish their identity in the community. They can also improve the overall appearance of a company’s employees.

When deciding whether to buy or rent uniforms, St. Louis business owners should consider the following:Image result for Uniform Rental vs Buying: How to Decide


Cost can help determine whether uniform rentals St. Louis is more practical than outright buying. By doing a little research into rental and purchase costs, business owners can get a better idea of what would be best for their situation. Renting uniforms has its advantages in that uniform maintenance and care is included in the rental package. This eliminates the additional cost of companies having to launder and repair uniforms on their own.


Depending on the size of a business, purchasing new uniforms can be a process. Outright buying requires that companies designate personnel to inspect uniforms periodically for wear and tear and schedule tailoring, laundering and pickup and delivery services of laundered uniforms on a daily or weekly basis – all of which takes time. A business with limited employees may not have the luxury of pulling a valuable player off the team to perform these mundane tasks. By opting for uniform rentals St. Louis, business owners can delegate these tasks to the rental firm so employees can focus on company business.  


The professional management services offered by uniform rental providers, i.e. laundering, pressing, fitting and repair, make it easier for business employees to maintain a professional appearance. This can greatly enhance a company’s image. Uniforms can play a key role in how customers view a business. Employees that are dressed in clean, sharp looking uniforms are more likely to project a good image of their business and attract new clientele.  


Some industries are more conducive to renting uniforms due to the type of work their employees perform. People who are in the landscaping, mining or auto mechanic industry, for example, are more likely to have greater exposure to dirt, grime and grease that make uniforms more difficult to clean. By having their attire professionally laundered, business owners can ensure their employees have access to clean uniforms daily.   

Tourist and food industries that receive a large volume of business may find it more convenient to rent uniforms, particularly during peak season. Industries that experience a high employee turnover rate will also benefit more from renting uniforms than buying. Renting enables businesses to easily adjust the quantity of uniforms they require at any given time to keep expenses within their budget.   

By comparing the pros and cons of uniform renting and buying, business owners can make a knowledgeable decision on which option would best suit their business needs.