December 2, 2023

Have you ever experienced more than just a harmless thrill at an amusement park?

When you go to a theme park, you anticipate an adventurous day. What you don’t plan for, however, is that those adventures may be tinged with pain, fear, and suffering.

Theme park injuries happen more often than you care to realize. In fact, a recent report suggests that each year, thousands of visitors get hurt at amusement parks. This number increases with each passing year.

Here’s how to handle an accident that occurs at a theme park.

Proceed Rides With Caution

Are you physically fit for rides?

Roller coasters are considered thrill rides for a reason. Their sharp twist, turns and drops are meant to defy gravity and wreak havoc on your body. The adrenaline rush creates a thrilling sensation.

However, if you have physical conditions and illnesses that put your body at risk under stressful or adrenaline-fueled circumstances, you’re best off skipping most amusement park rides. Some of the conditions that make it unsafe for you to ride roller coasters are:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Other risks for stroke or heart attack.

Be aware of your health-based limitations before your trip to the amusement park. If you happen to have any concerns about being able to physically cope with roller coasters and other rides, ask your doctor to assess you.

If a doctor says that you can go on rides despite your medical condition, be sure to carry portable monitors with you. You should measure your pulse and blood pressure, for instance, before an after a ride.

Voice Your Concerns

If you feel unsafe at any time while boarding a ride, you should alert the ride attendant. The same is true if you feel concerned or unsafe before the ride starts its course, or even while its in motion. Previous instances of amusement park accidents occurred when visitors who were concerned

Ride attendants are there solely to make sure that your ride is safe and secure. Though they are trained in ride safety, they may overlook something crucial once in a great while. For instance, if your lap bar or seatbelt is not secured tightly enough, ask an attendant to double check. Everyone involved is interesting in avoiding a Universal Studios accident at any cost.

Seek Legal Representation

If you do, in fact, sustain an injury at an amusement park, seek legal recourse immediately. You may be entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

Amusement parks are designed to be a place of fun, not a space for nightmares to come true. Contact us today if you were a victim of an amusement park injury, or if your loved one has suffered as a result of negligence. We may be able to help retrieve monetary compensation. In some cases, we may also be able to assist you in pressing criminal charge