March 4, 2024

The most certain aspect of life is its uncertainty. You are in holiday mood and cheering with your friends and family members. Suddenly, you fall and succumb to an injury that keeps you out of work for a long time. You never thought that life would be so merciless. Now you are just waiting for the pain to cease and want to return to work as early as possible.

In addition to physical pain, wage loss also adds to your mental anxiety. As it is not an on-job accident, your medical expenses will not be covered according to Worker’s Compensation. Therefore, you should look for ways to offset your financial loss. Fortunately, you have more than one option to deal with your current situation apart from making use of emergency fund.

In this context, a Utah social security disability lawyer emerges as a good friend, philosopher and guide to help you get monetary benefits when you are out of work due to an accidental injury.

SSDI/State Disability

It is a common belief among the workers that Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI will compensate for their wage loss if they are not able to work. The average SSDI benefit is $1,171/month. That is above the threshold of federal poverty indicator for a person as set in 2017. For anyone earning in excess of $30,000/annum SSDI compensates for less than half of his income.

About 75 percent full-time workers in America earn more than $30,000/annum. If you belong to this group, you will certainly suffer a severe wage loss if you are out of work due to disability. However, application for SSDI takes a long time of processing. Furthermore, it is also complicated at core. Lengthy and complicated processing makes it important for you to look for a helping hand in shape of a Utah social security disability lawyer.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social security disability insurance – short or long-term – is the most comprehensive source of income replacement in your case.

Short-Term Disability – STD insurance offers you a part of your wage for a short span of time after your ‘sick leave’ is over. The program is designed to offer different levels of wage coverage when you are still out of work and recovering from illness or an injury. Most of the claims for STD insurance are valid for three to six months. However, you may qualify to apply for a one-year program according to your plan.

Long-Term Disability – LTD is designed to pay a percentage of your earning after your sick leave is over and you also run out of your STD coverage. The LTD insurance lasts up to your retirement age, in case you are disabled for good and ever or when you recover 80 percent of your previous strength. Depending on the policy, this program provides 50 to 60 percent coverage of your income.

Being a common man, you are unlikely to understand the nitty-gritty of these insurance policies that can provide you greater benefits when you are out of work for physical disability. Contact an expert and experienced Utah socials security disability lawyer for proper guidance and assistance throughout the process of application.