September 26, 2023

[From Traverse Legal’s Detroit Law Firm]  The FAA is beginning to allow more waivers from Part 107. When they have issued a substantial quantity of daytime waivers (if you’re searching for training to file for your personal daytime waiver, we provide free training here), allowing operations from the moving vehicle or aircraft might be more hard to obtain in the FAA.

The FAA wants every drone pilot and operator to file for their very own waiver demands. They don’t want drone lawyers, UAV attorneys or consultants to deal with these for clients. Getting stated just as much, we all do help with clients in training these to file their very own waivers, and handling more complicated waivers, however the FAA is true. You don’t want to become getting a drone lawyer or attorney any time you a component 107 Waiver. This belongs to your core business. You have to be equipped to handle waiver and airspace authorizations yourself.

One thing that you can do to help your drafting of the Part 107.25(b) waiver would be to reverse engineer waivers that happen to be granted. Here is a 333 exemption PDF waiver granted to Helicopters West, LLC. We’re breaking lower the waiver provisions that you should assist you to understand what you need to include inside your waiver request towards the FAA. Regardless if you are in Detroit MI, Austin, Texas, Miami Fl or somewhere among, we’ve your back.