April 14, 2024

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One can become a notary in any state by getting a license. The Arizona Secretary of State looks after the licensing of notary. The tenure granted by the commission is for one day less than four years. As per the law stated by the state of Arizona, all notaries must buy and maintain the surety bond of $5000 for this duration of 4 years commission. This Arizona Notary Bond is not insurance for the notary but it protects the public from any kind of financial loss incurred from incorrect conduct by an Arizona Notary.

Becoming a Arizona Notary

  • To become a Notary in the state of Arizona, you must meet certain criteria like :
  • Must be a US citizen and legal Arizona resident
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Should not have a felony conviction
  • Should be able to write and read English
  • You have to purchase Arizona Notary Bond of $5000 from notary bonding agency.
  • After purchasing a surety bond, you must fill out Arizona Notary Application online and get it printed from the state’s website.
  • Before submitting the application, you need to get it notarized which is signing the notary bond in the presence of another notary from Arizona.
  • The purchased bond along with notarized application form must be directly submitted to the state along with original documents. You need to add a check of $43 payable to Arizona Secretary of State as Arizona Notary State filling fee.
  • It will take up to six weeks for you to receive the Notary Commission Certificate that the state will email you at your given email address.

After you receive the certificate, you will get your notary stamp which is mandatory for all notaries in Arizona State. It must be pre-order it when you purchase the bond. It should have name of the Notary as given on the application form, name of the country where the notary is commissioned and commission’s expiration date.