December 2, 2023

If you are planning to apply for a U.S. green card, you might be wondering whether it would be a good idea to use the services of an immigration attorney. The experts at Graham Adair say that while using immigration attorneys will not automatically make the process quicker, they can help to minimize any delays by ensuring that your application is free from errors. Immigration attorneys have experience in dealing with visa applications and are aware of the most common issues and know how to avoid them. 

Is it Worth Paying for an Immigration Lawyer? 

Applying for a temporary visa to the U.S. is a quite different process to applying for permanent residency. For this reason, it may be beneficial to seek the services of an experienced law firm. While there is a consensus that an attorney is not required for straightforward immigration cases, the fact that very few cases are simple and straightforward means that you may actually benefit from legal representation. 

There are good reasons to want to go it alone when applying for a visa, including the fact that hiring a lawyer is an expense that most people can do without. How much you would pay in legal fees would depend on a number of factors. How complex your case is will be a determining factor. For example, an asylum application is going to be much more complicated than an application for family-based permanent residence, so the legal fees here are likely to be much higher. Having said that though, it is much more difficult to successfully obtain a green card based on asylum without legal representation than it is with it. 

The geographical location of the attorney can affect the price you pay as well. Those working in some of the bigger more expensive cities will typically charge more than those in smaller towns. Also, if the lawyer has a good reputation with many years of experience, you might pay a higher price for his or her services. 

Why Should You Pay for an Immigration Attorney? 

As mentioned above, paying for an immigration attorney can be expensive but there are real benefits to doing so. This is particularly so when you consider how complex this area of law is. Since immigration lawyers know the ins and outs of this field of law, they are best placed to ensure your application is completed accurately the first time around. 

An immigration attorney will provide advice on the type of application you are eligible for and will help you to access any relief or waivers that you might be entitled to. 

Many people find the application process very confusing and need help to ensure this is completed correctly. An attorney will also help to prepare you for the interview stage of the process, which will increase your chances of success. 

It is not always those looking to enter the United States who will seek advice from immigration attorneys. Business owners looking to employ foreign workers might also seek help from a business immigration lawyer, who can help with the labor certification process. The process of hiring foreign workers is highly complex and involves a lot of paperwork. Furthermore, advertisements for positions need to contain specific information and language to be acceptable, and this leaves plenty of room for mistakes to be made. 


Most people agree that the complex nature of immigration law and applications for green cards, makes immigration attorney services invaluable. If you are applying for a green card for yourself or for an employee, it is worth seeking professional advice.