December 1, 2022

Being accused of sex crimes in Chicago can come as a blow to anyone. It can be a devastating experience that has severe repercussions on a person’s reputation and livelihood. Without the help of a Chicago criminal attorney, a convicted person can face lengthy prison sentences and penalties.

So, what are federal sex crimes, and what should you do if you are facing the charges?

What Is A Federal Sex Crime?

Like other types of crimes, sex crimes are also processed by professionals in law enforcement and then tried in courts within the particular jurisdiction where the crime took place.

Some of the sex crimes are considered both state and federal violations in Chicago. In many cases, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and prostitution are charged at the state level.

However, a particular offense can be elevated to the federal level if the crime involves people from multiple states or transportation of a person across international borders or state lines. In most cases, child sex offenses are considered a federal sex crime in Chicago.

If you have been accused of a sex crime and are unsure whether it is a federal or state offense, get in touch with a Chicago criminal attorney soon for a discussion.

What Comes Under Federal Sex Crimes?

Some of the offenses that may result in federal sex crime charges in Chicago include:

Human Trafficking

Engaging people, enticing them, harboring and transporting them to force them into labor like sex work is a serious federal offense. It could result in a twenty years prison sentence or a life sentence if the crime involved kidnapping.

Sexual Abuse or Assault

Any person who engages in sexual activity using threat or force may face federal sex charges if the offense occurs on federally-owned properties.

If a person travels across state lines to engage in sexual activities with a child under the age of twelve, then he/she may be charged with aggravated sexual abuse. In Chicago, a conviction for these charges includes a life sentence in prison.

Child Sexual Exploitation

If an underage minor is enticed, persuaded, or coerced into sexual conduct to create visual depictions, the person responsible for it will be charged with federal child pornography charges. A conviction for this charge in Chicago includes a prison sentence of up to 15 to 30 years.

Sex Offender Registry Violation

Anyone who fails to register as a sex offender because of federal sex crime convictions in Chicago may face federal charges. After the sentence, if the person fails to register as required, forgets to update the registration, or fails to provide the necessary data while engaging in businesses may face the exact charges.

Reach Out to Chicago Criminal Attorneys for Guidance

In Chicago, a federal sex crime incurs severe penalties upon conviction. You may encounter years or decades in prisons or jails for a federal offense, and you can also be charged with hefty fines in due course.

So what should you do if you are facing such charges?

Contact a Chicago criminal attorney immediately after an arrest. Local criminal attorneys knowledgeable and experienced in the Chicago judicial system will build solid defenses and help thwart your case in the court.

While all sex crimes carry a level of seriousness, federal offenses can result in brutal consequences. If you face any such charges, reach out to a criminal attorney in Chicago immediately for guidance and help.