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What is Family Counselling in Australia?  

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Family therapy and family counselling Perth, is there to improve how family members or those in close relationships interact with each other. The aim is to help families function better as individuals and as a family unit or to help them through a difficult time such as a divorce. A family unit might be:


  • A biological family
  • A stepfamily
  • A mixed family with adopted and biological children
  • An adoptive family
  • A family with same-sex parents
  • Extended family that includes in-laws or grandparents

Or any other type of family relationship not covered above

What does family therapy emphasise?

This form of counselling Perth and beyond, focuses on the family relationship and the emotional health of each of those within the family unit. It helps those who are at odds to have healthier interactions, not just in therapy but in the home too. This then leads to individuals who are healthier emotionally and mentally and are well adjusted. Without the help of expert counselling, family units and individuals going through hardship can have emotional, mental and behavioural problems.

The point or goal of attending family counselling Perth is to help resolve conflict and solve family problems by improving communication, having more awareness of each other and having an understanding of special family circumstances. Special circumstances include a separation or divorce, a remarriage, or a mixed marriage, where there are issues that need resolving and family members need support.

Who are family therapists?

A family therapist might be a certified counsellor that specialises in marriage and family therapy, but also might be a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. They are the ones that carry out a number of sessions with the immediate family and with other members potentially, to evaluate and treat the family in question. Often it is the case that conflict, behaviour and attitudes are learnt from previous generations in the family. A family therapist will pay close attention to the intensity and the type of emotions being expressed. They will look for patterns of submission and dominance, family roles, secrets, communication styles, alliances and such


Counselling Perth will also look for emotional triangles that are usually between:


  • Two parents and a child
  • Two children and a parent
  • Three generations, grandparent, parent and child
  • Three siblings
  • A wife, husband and an in-law

Therapy treats the family as an entity, so members are evaluated individually as well as within their role in the family unit. It is not about fixing one person others perceive as the ‘problem’, it is about changing how the unit works. In the end, family members should have a healthy sense of themselves as well as feeling connected to the overall family unit.


Whatever your situation or problem, family counselling could be a great way to help resolve issues, learn to work together, or to adapt to change.