April 14, 2024

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Mankind can’t live without law. What is the law? Can divorce possible without divorce lawyer It is the bigger question no doubt but I will try to answer this question before that let me explain what is the definition of law? According to the Oxford, dictionary law is the system of rules which a particular country recognizes as regulating the action of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. I think this is the appropriate answer and always use it during examples. Now let’s discuss criminal law. A criminal is something like a system law concerned with the punishment of offences. Criminal law is dangerous and most hateful law in the world.

What is the relation between crime and law?

Where is a crime there is law? People say in the jungle there is no law but crime. Recently a survey says even jungle maintain rules and law. Let’s get to the topic, a criminal do the crime and they are getting caught no matter where the crime occurred. We can not get rid of crimes no matter where we are living. There has a solution of reducing crimes and this is proper conciseness and religious believes. There has a law quote that I really love, We are all sounded by law and crime.

How about maximum punishment for crimes

As I described before law and crime depends on culture, religion and religious fact alike that crimes punishment depends as well. The highest punishment is death or whole life prison. A crime is always hateful no matter what crime is this. On the other hand, the lowest crime punishment is maybe 1-month prison as well as 100 dollars.

Types of criminal law

I have listed 10 extream crimes.

  • Murder
  • Battery
  • Assault with intent to rob
  • Rape
  • Buggery
  • Robbery
  • High treason
  • Riot
  • Piracy
  • Attempt to murder

Why do people do offence?  

For live is maybe the appropriate answer to this question. Some people do offences as it is their habit and some people do because they have to. When people are living under of the poverty line and have no income source then they starting crimes. You will be surprised to hear that some families force their children for crimes even murder instead of education. These things usually happen in a poor country like Somalia Kenya and so on.

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Some notorious criminal in the world

When it is about to say worst criminal then I guess ten Bundy. Pablo Escobar and Andrew Cunanan names come up. Have a look this notorious profile if you like

1 Ten Bunday

  • Birthday                             24 Nov
  • Nationality                             American
  • Famous for                             a serial killer
  • Know for                                 lady killer  and the campus killer
  • Died at age                              42
  • Born in                                      Burlington

2 Pablo

  • Birthday                               Dec 1 1949
  • Nickname ei doctor
  • Nationality                         Colombian
  • Born In                           Rionegero
  • Famous for               Colombian drug lord

3 Jeffrey Dahmer

  • Nickname                    the monster
  • Birthday                        May  21 2960
  • Nationality                      American
  • Born in                             west allis
  • Famous for            sex offender and serial killer
  • Died on                       November 28       1991