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What Should You Do Immediately after a Train Accident to Claim Compensation?

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Though the train journey is considered most convenient and safe than any other types of travelling, train travelling is not completely free from accidents. Often, people think when a train crashes it is called a train accident. But, as per law, any kind of accident causing injuries irrespective of places and time such as in the railway station, in the train, on the platform etc. can be counted as train accident and are subject to compensation. However, the injuries caused by a train accident must not be because of your fault and you must prove the train accident with sufficient evidence. Eventually, you need to collect evidence of the accident immediately after the accident before you go to take the help of a train accident lawyer.

The first step you should take immediately after a train accident whether it is in the train or in the platform or station, you need to collect the report book that is available at every railway station and formally report about the accident you met. This will serve as the first evidence of your accident in the court. You should also collect the address and other contacts of people who can provide a witness to your accident. Remember, they should be willing to testify about your accident and should not fail the date and time assigned by the court. In addition to this, snap a few photographs of the accident site which should prove the problems and reasons responsible for your accident.

Another most important matter to prove your train accident is the medical treatment report of your injuries. Even if you have minor injuries you must never ignore and skip treatment of your injuries. The doctor will ultimately treat your wounds and check for hidden and invisible injuries. You need to collect a medical certificate from the doctor who has treated you after the accident. Finally, you should consult a train accident lawyer to lodge the train accident claim along with all the evidences you have collected.