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What To Do When Injured After A Minor Car Accident

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As car accidents, major or minor, happen unexpectedly, car owners and drivers must be knowledgeable about what they must do right after the collision incident. Accordingly, they should know how to process personal injury claims to their insurance providers to cover expensive repair costs if the crash was detrimental to their cars.

 The first thing you must do right after a collision is to check if you and your passengers have incurred any injuries. Additionally, it will help if you get out of your vehicle and stay at a safe distance from it, particularly if you smell something unusual, such as leaking fuel, or notice smoke coming from the car’s engine.

Car accidents which happen on roadways can disrupt traffic. Hence, it is best to move your vehicle to the side of the road and ask the other driver to do the same, so both of you would not inconvenience other drivers on the road.

When discussing the situation with the other driver, it would be best if both of you remain calm. Staying composed can be beneficial, especially when you have to exchange contact and insurance policy information. Getting too emotional while conversing with the other driver can lose focus on what is essential – calling the police to make an incident report, and getting a photo of the other driver’s license and number plate. It is important to remember that there are insurance companies that ask for police reports.

Moreover, the cost of repairs for your car’s damage after a car accident may be too expensive; hence, you can file a personal injury claim to cover the cost of repairs. It will help if you contact your insurance provider and report the accident, even when it is not your fault. Some insurance companies take their time to settle claims as they have to look at whose fault the accident was, as well as the cost of repairs; hence, you must follow up regularly on it.

If you think making claims is time-consuming, as you have to run back and forth to provide the paperwork requirement of your insurance provider, you may hire a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach, CA. They can make your life easier and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Likewise, you can hire a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach, CA, if you happen to have an accident with someone uninsured and want to take them to a small claims court. They can also help you file a claim against your insurance company of you hold uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance.

The painstaking process of making personal injury car accident claims can be a hassle, even with minor accidents. Hence, hiring an attorney can guarantee that you get the compensation you deserve. This infographic of Avrek Law discusses what you should d when injured after a minor car accident.