July 18, 2024

Ephedra is derived from alkaloids of an Asiatic shrub. The FDA has kept a watchful eye on the products that include this product and have banned it in over the counter drugs due to the many serious side effects that even include death. Ephedra is a supplement and not an actual drug, therefore it was not subjected to pre market testing of the approval of the FDA.

Side Effects of Ephedra Alkaloids

The adverse and serious side effects of ephedra include heart palpitations and heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, tachycardia of the heart, respiratory depression and death. The product contains ephedrine which is a stimulant that relaxes bronchial tubes while acting on the nervous system. A synthetic form of ephedrine is approved in over the counter medications for asthma and cold medications in bronchodilators and medications such as Sudafed and Actifed for allergies. The FDA reports that persons who are not aware of the side effects of this product and be seriously harmed or killed.Image result for What You Need to Know About Ephedra Alkaloids

Ephedra Products

Many workout supplements and dietary supplements include ephedra alkaloids. This supplement is listed in many different manners on the labels of products. It can be listed as ephedra, ephedra herb powder, ma huang, ephedra extract, ephedrine, epitonin, Mormon tea, Chinese ephedra and herbal ectasy. At least 62 different companies market products containing ephedra under the names of Metabolife 356, Ultimate Orange, Ripped Fuel and Hydroxycut. Some of these products have been recalled, but there are others that still exist on the market.

National Institute of Health Studies

Studies on ephedra alkaloids show that synthetic ephedrine, caffeine combined with ephedrine and ephedra with botanicals that contain caffeine has two to three times the risk of vomiting, anxiety attacks, nausea, changes in mood, hyperactivity and heart palpitations when it is compared with a placebo.

Young adults are more probable to take this type of supplement and it is shown to greatly increase the number of deaths, seizures, psychiatric illnesses and heart diseases.

The Neurology journal conducted a study that revealed a great increase of strokes in ephedra users in which the users in the study took about 32 milligrams per day. In fact, some of the labels on products containing ephedra recommend almost 100 milligrams per day, which can substantially increase the adverse side effects.

Ephedra Lawsuits

Since 1997, there have been numerous cases filled with reports of ephedra users suffering illnesses or death. The Washington Post reports that at least 75 cases have been filed across the entire country over this supplement. Many of the cases reportedly have been awarded multi-million dollar settlements to the claimants.

If you believe you or a loved one have been subject to adverse effects of ephedra products, contact an experienced attorney for a consultation. There is no need to suffer in silence when you have inadvertently consumed a harmful product and you should be compensated for the product being on the market.