April 15, 2024

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Obtaining a trademark is no easy process. After getting your trademark approved, the work isn’t over. Did you know that you are the one responsible to make sure your trademark isprotected from any infringement? This can be quite complicated and time consuming. Luckily, working with a trademark lawyer can help you regulate your trademark.

What is a trademark?

Defined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a trademark is a word, name, symbol, device or combination of any of those intended to be used to identify a brand and distinguish goods and services from others.

Why a trademark?

A trademark gives the rights to a certain brand to help prevent other competing brands from using similar marketing tactics such as a word or symbol. But this needs to be approved by the United State Patent and Trademark Office to be considered an official trademark. Then after approval, it is up to you to monitor and regulate, reporting any trademark infringement that is found.

Trademark lawyer

An experienced trademark lawyer can help you not only monitor your trademark, but will also give helpful advice and provide legal representation if infringement pops up. Trademark lawyers are experienced with intellectual property and willhave the knowledge you may not have about trademarks, benefiting you in many ways.

It should be easy to find a trademark lawyer in Phoenix. Especially since you probably worked with one to help complete your trademark application. This is another time a trademark lawyer will come in handy. The application process for a trademark is every extensive and time consuming as well as complicated. Since intellectual property can be quite confusing, a knowledgeable lawyer can help walk you through the steps. In addition to the application, a lawyer can also help you avoid any costly problems by conducting a comprehensive search before filing to prevent any issues.