May 20, 2024

In family law, the lawyers deal with various legal issues related to a family. These issues include divorce and separation, child custody and support, child abuse, property disputes, domestic violence and same sex marriage.Every country has their own set of laws to deal with family related issues.

Listed below are the firms prepared by Leading Lawyers that specialises in family law.

  1. O’Sullivan Legal:

They deal with several types of legal cases, such as, Post-separation parenting also known as ‘Child Custody’ which deals with the issue of with whom the child will live with, property settlement deals with the equitable property settlement, Divorce and marriage, spousal maintenance, Same-sex marriage, sexual abuse, family counselling, domestic violence, surrogacy.

  1. Boyce Family Law:

They specialise in the area of family law. They have specialist family lawyerswho provide advice on all areas of Australian family law. These include:

–    Divorce and annulment

–    Child custody

–    Same sex marriage

–    Domestic violence and sexual abuse

They provide clear advice and guidance to deal with the problems mentioned above. They make sure to provide a safe and sensitive environment to the clients. They also make sure not to use difficult technical terms at the time of legal guidance hence, they use simple English so that the clients are clear about all the legal terms and conditions.

  1. Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers:

They only work on family laws. The services they provide include:

–    Divorce and settlements

–    Parenting and children

–    Child support

–    Property dispute

The lawyers are specialised to deal with unique circumstances.

  1. The Norton Law Group:

It is a large firm with specialist solicitors who specialise in family law.It includes custody arrangements (With whom the child will live after separation of the parents). The family lawyers here are experts in one area of the family law. This makes every lawyer in this firm to be a specialist in their individual area in the family law area. They also help you to understand different types of services that they provide and which one suitable for you.

  1. Family Legal Sydney:

They deal with Child support after divorce, custody of the child, divorce, and same-sex relationship, disputes based on properties, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse. Their family solicitors’ team provides expert services to those who are need of legal support.

  1. Lawyers Plus:

It is a small law firm but it deals with family law effectively. They deal with alimony after separation and child custody. The Lawyers plus have a small firm and due to their smaller firm, the clients feel less anxious and more personal towards the lawyer, hence provide more quality evidence to the lawyers.

  1. Pearson Emerson Meyer:

They deal with several family issues such as divorce and settlements, child custody, child support, property and financial settlements, same-sex marriage. They specialise in these areas as they have experience and understanding to help the clients having any family legal issues.

  1. Slater and Gordon:

Slater and Gordon is the biggest firm known on this list so far. They have branches in many other locations across Australia and UK. They have several specialists for complicated cases and they try negotiating so as to avoid court if possible.