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Who is Responsible for Construction Site Safety?

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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in the U.S., with an average of two construction workers dying every day. In addition to having a high rate of workplace fatalities, the construction industry also has an alarming rate of workplace injuries. From relatively minor injuries, like cuts and bruises, to catastrophic harm, like brain injuries, there are millions of people dealing with construction-related injuries.

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Although there are strict laws and regulations governing construction site safety, more obviously needs to be done to protect workers and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on sites. Sadly, too many employers still try to reduce costs by using unsafe working practices.

Determining Liability

If an accident occurs on a construction site, it isn’t always immediately obvious who is responsible. In some cases, it might be the owner of the land on which the site sits. In other instances, it may the company who is running the site. If faulty equipment caused the incident, the manufacturer could even be held liable for an accident on a construction site.

Due to this, construction site accidents require thorough investigation. Although OSHA typically investigate these types of incidents, a more nuanced approach could be required if you want to make a claim for compensation. The results of an OSHA investigation could certainly support your claim, but you shouldn’t rely on this alone to take legal action.

By consulting with personal injury attorneys and obtaining representation, you can ensure that further investigations are undertaken. This can help to identify potentially dangerous working practices or negligence and determine whether it contributed to the cause of the accident. If so, the responsible party can be identified, and you could obtain compensation from them.

What About Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation is designed to enable workers to access compensation if they’re hurt at work, regardless of who is at fault. Generally, workers’ comp only enables claimants to access partial compensation, which means you may not receive very much. However, if negligence or recklessness has contributed to or caused a construction accident, this enables you to go beyond workers’ compensation and make a full compensation claim against the responsible party.

By doing so, you can obtain far more compensation than if you claimed workers’ comp and you can also ensure that the person, people or company responsible is held to account.

When to Make Your Claim

If you’ve been hurt or suffered serious injuries as a result of a construction accident, you may not want to think about taking legal action straight away. However, there are time limits which mean you won’t want to wait too long either. Furthermore, the sooner you make your claim, the sooner you could receive your compensation.

When you choose the right personal injury law firm, making a claim won’t seem stressful at all. With a dedicated team of lawyers working on your behalf, you can focus on your recovery and receive regular updates on the status of your claim.