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Who’s who in a Crown Court

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Do you think that the lawyers and judges are the only ones in a law court?  If yes, you are mistaking. There are up to ten different personnel that sees to the legal progress of the case in the court of law. In the absence of any of the officials, a crucial problem might arise which will lead to an interruption or inadequate decree on the suspect.

The Judge

Any law firm without a judge is sure to be as empty as a vessel because he performs over five functions in a law court. The judge sees to the orderliness in the court and ensures the evidence presented by both parties is legal. He equally gives the jury instructions concerning the law as regards to the case and the standards it must use in deciding the case. They make the final judgment and also sentence the convicted criminals.

The Lawyers

Each party has a lawyer speaking in favor of them. The lawyer serves as a medium for communication between the judge and the accused. Each lawyer’s job is to provide facts and evidence that put his or her client in a favorable condition and can also raise points against the other party but do so using legal procedures. They put in their best to save their client from further legal problems thereby increasing their skills and legal records.

The Parties

There is a probability that each party might not be present with their lawyers at the table of the counsel. Defendants in most criminal cases possess a constitutional right to be present in the law court. The people who are constituting for a legal right are known as the parties.

The Witnesses

These are people who are an eyewitness to the incident. They might have proof or the slightest knowledge of the incident and can as well be victims especially in criminal cases. The usual sit on a witness stand and are made to take an affirmation oath.

The Court Reporters

These set of people are also of great importance in a law court. They take their sit very close to the witness post and record all the trial including all reasonable statement and decree and also any valid evidence. A standard court reporter firm ensures that a word-for-word record is made on every trial. The put every spoken word into writing in case any of the involved party appeals the case or requests a transcript to review.