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Why Every Law Firm Needs SEO Content: Guide To SEO For Lawyers

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The way of doing business and acquiring new clients has changed dramatically over the last decade. The main reason for this is the huge impact the internet is doing over the market. Even though it started spreading in the 90s and over the new millennium, it really took off and changed the game in the 2010s.

Moving a big part of your business online is a smart thing to do. However, it’s not enough just to make a web page and wait for people to come looking for you. Everyone’s on the internet and the battle for new clients is even bigger than ever.

If you’re not on the internet you stand no chance and if you are, you have to do everything in your power to get a higher reputation. To do this, you need to play by the rules and do what must be done.

What can be done is to create a search engine optimized content. Let’s see what this is and how it should be done. Read this specialized law firm SEO guide and learn all about it!

What is SEO?

SEO is standing for Search Engine Optimization. This is a way to talk to search engines and make them list you higher. If you’re not on top of the first page on any search engines, chances are big that you won’t be seen by the public.

Research shows that only 17% of the people looking for something on search engines go to page 2. That’s why there’s a joke that if you want to hide something, you should put it on page 2 on Google, no one will ever find it.

Optimized content will help you get higher on this list and have much better chances to be seen, recognized and hired. It means that creating a perfect SEO means making more profit. It’s always wise to invest in it.

Why is SEO important and how it works?

As we said, SEO is going to help you get higher on the search engines. Without it, you’ll get stuck on the latter pages and you won’t have the chance to advertise enough and make people see you.

To do this, you have to hire a special person who knows everything about this. You can hire one person doing everything or you can hire some of the many companies offering their services about this. If you hire one person they’ll need more time and help from others in your team, while the company will do everything by themselves and you’ll have to do nothing.

What these people do is creating content which is made by the rules needed for the perfect listing of the engines. These rules are many. Some of the most important ones are having perfect keywords which will make people who search law firms come across your one, but also a lot of small features that altogether make the big picture.

The company doing your SEO will offer a marketing campaign that must be tailored specially for you. There are many options and choices. Depending on the trends, needs, and momentary situations on the market, the SEO person will have to do a perfect campaign.

How can law firms benefit

Law firms, just like any other out there can benefit by creating a perfect campaign that will attract visitors to their page. Once they find you online chances are much bigger that you’re going to be hired instead of someone else.

Law firms that are on page 2 and beyond get way fewer visitors on their pages and with it, their business is suffering. To change this, the company must hire a team of people or an outside company that will change their game. See more about the page 2 controversy here.

A person writing their blog, and another person, or even better a team, taking care of optimizing it. They will make sure your company gets higher and become visible on the map.

How to make the perfect content

SEO is actually providing content that people want to see. Some of the most important features of 2019 are location, quality and valuable content, and key terms that the person is searching.

The location used to have less importance but today it is one of the most important features you need to consider. This happened because the internet is global and without location, there used to be irrelevant companies to have been highly rated on the engine even though the person searching had no benefit from them.

The content is always important. They say content is king. Without it, the visitor that searched for something will be disappointed if they don’t find what they are looking for and will simply quit the page they clicked. You always must provide the content the title says you’re going to provide.

The key terms or keywords are never going out of style. People used to search for one word before but as everyone got on the internet, now most people search whole terms to specify better what they need.

So, chances are great someone will Google for “law firm Dallas” instead of just “lawyer”. If you’re a lawyer from Dallas, you need to understand that to get this person’s attention you have to make an amazing SEO and make them click your page first. If they do this, the job is yours and you’ll represent them because most probably that’s what they are looking for.


With this guide, it should be pretty clear for everyone why this is so important. It should also be pretty understandable what needs to be done as we explained with the simplest terms. If you’re a lawyer and you have your own law firm, hiring an outside team specialized for this is a must.

Once you create a perfectly optimized page, you’ll see how your business will start growing in a matter of days. Don’t hesitate about it and start building now!