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Why you Need a First Responder Injury Lawyer

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Whenever hurricanes, fires, pandemics, and other disasters hit, the first responders risk their own safety and health to help other people. Law enforcement officers, emergency medical experts, firefighters, and all other expert first responders are always ready to save the day. These people are at risk of suffering injuries while on official duties. If this happens, it’s recommended to consult with a local first responder injury attorney to pursue compensation for medical costs and other financial benefits.

Common injuries

As mentioned earlier, paramedics, law enforcement officers, and other first responders are at a higher risk of suffering workplace injuries. These experts expose themselves to various traumatic situations each day they are out there helping other people. Some of the common injuries that first responders face include; 

Slip and falls: Trips, slips, and falls can result in devastating injuries. Some of these injuries are minor but others are severe, and might force the first responder to leave their job for an extended period for treatment and recovery.

Overexertion: Muscle strains are some of the common workplace injuries reported by many first-responders. These experts tend to lift heavy things that put a lot of strain on their bodies, and that means they are at risk of straining their muscles.

Vehicle accidents: Given the nature of their work, first responders usually rush to emergencies. This could cause work-related vehicle accidents. Remember, most states across the country have enacted laws and regulations that allow first responders to access workers’ compensation benefits.

Exposure to coronavirus: Most first responders have served during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them have been exposed to this disease, and some of them have even died. This disease continues to deliver a devastating blow to the global health system, and first responders are the world’s first line of defense.

Chemical exposure and smoke inhalation: Expert emergency responders can respond to chemical spills and fires. Toxic exposure and small inhalation can cause serious health issues. If this happens, the law allows them to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

These are some of the common injuries that affect many first responders. These experts can also suffer other illnesses.

Workers’ Compensation insurance 

All first responders who have suffered toxic exposure and work-related injuries must report the issue to their employers as soon as possible. Also, they should seek immediate medical attention. From there, they can pursue their workers’ compensation benefits by submitting the right paperwork within a year after the accident occurred.

The process of pursuing workers compensation benefits isn’t as easy as most people think. This is the main reason you should work with an experienced attorney. Lawyers know the statute of limitations associated with these injury claims. Also, they can help you handle the necessary paperwork, participate in the settlement negotiations, and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Through an accepted workplace injury claim, an injured first responder may be entitled to compensation for all costs related to medical attention, vocational rehabilitation, wage replacement, and permanent impairment.