September 26, 2022

Effective and successful road traffic accident claims are not impossible, as you may already know. As long as you have the necessary and vital proof and evidence to solidify your claim and prove that the other party or person was actually negligent, reckless, or in any way to blame for your accident on the road, then you can have a successful claim. But you also have to do your part, and this means gathering all the evidence and materials you require so you can show that the other party needs to award compensation to you. There is another question, though: what kind of evidence do you really need for a road accident claim? Here’s your best guide.

The proof you need

  • The first thing you need is medical records and any documents you can acquire from the medical professional or hospital, particularly if you have had to stay in hospital due to your injury. All your medical records and receipts give you proof of your claim, as they will include details of your injury or injuries, the costs and expenses you have incurred, and whatever treatment you are going through and for how long. When you have accurate medical records and receipts, this will help determine the amount of compensation you can receive for your accident claim as well.
  • You should also include evidence of the days you have been absent from your workplace due to your accident and injury. This will serve as proof of loss of earnings or income, and it will also determine the compensation you get.
  • Another vital piece of evidence or proof is photos of the accident itself. If you had the presence of mind to take pictures of the accident site and whatever other objects were involved in it, such as a car, bike, lorry, or motorcycle, then this will add to your documentation as proof.
  • You can also include photos of your actual injury – if possible, take photos of the injury right after the accident has occurred, and take photos of the injury as it heals as well.
  • If there are any witnesses, make it a point to gather their testimony of what they think happened as this can further help you with your road accident claim.
  • If the accident happened in a place where there is CCTV footage, this could serve as additional evidence as well. It can show the actual time the accident occurred and what exactly happened between the parties.

To file – and get – your claim

In order to properly file – and get – your claim, you also need help from the experts. This is where a specialist in personal injury claims comes in, especially a solicitor who is well-versed in road accident claims, such as the road accident claim Gloucestershire solicitors from Shires Law. Your solicitor can work on a No Win, No Fee basis, and they can help you gather the evidence you need and point you in the right direction, particularly if your claim is complex.

Don’t forget to take note of other essential details, such as the date and time of the road accident, police reports of the accident, the names of the other party/parties, and the names of the witnesses.