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2 General Methods To Getting Apostille For The FBI Background Checking

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You might require getting an FBI background check for multiple purposes. A significant reason why it becomes important is when you travel abroad for a professional purpose. Having a clean background certificate ensures your image to be absolutely safe in another country.

When you get an FBI background check, you have the certificate that indicates you don’t have any criminal history or any felony. The fact is that these things would otherwise disqualify you from traveling for whatsoever purposes. Getting the FBI apostille sounds time-consuming, but when you plan it strategically, nothing seems so daunting and intimidating. Given below are the two methods to get an apostille for the FBI background checking.

Method 1: PLACING THE ORDER through EMAIL:

When you try emailing the service provider, you need to ensure these things in the first place:

  • PDF file of the FBI background check that you obtain through online portal
  • The completed US Authentication Services
  • Payment procedure
  • The last thing that you need to keep in mind is the payment for return mailing (remember that you cannot list the US Authentication Services or the address as that sender; you only can list the information)

You can then send the emailed order via the mail ID.


Consider keeping these fundamentals in mind:

  • The original FBI background results
  • The completed order form of US Authentication Services
  • Payment method; and
  • Payment for the return mailing (You shouldn’t list US Authentication Services or address as the sender; you should list the information of your own)

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