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Who should be held accountable for Car Accident due to Medical Condition?

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Road accidents have become common throughout Virginia. From reckless driving to drowsiness, faulty car engines, to poor roads, anything can result in a car wreck. It’s easier to determine the at-fault party in many car accidents and proceed with the compensation claim. However, not all car accident cases are straightforward. Certain cases need thorough investigation by a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney to establish who is at fault. Car crashes caused due to health issues are one such scenario that requires professional help.

Many drivers lose control of their vehicle or lose consciousness while driving. Drivers with medical conditions are prone to accidents and pose safety threats to others.

Various Medical Conditions that can Cause Drivers to Lose Control of Their Vehicles

While anything can make the driver lose control over the vehicle, many medical conditions can cause unconsciousness in drivers while on the wheel. The most common health-issues include vertigo, seizure disorder, heart ailments, diabetes, deafness, vision impairment, narcolepsy, musculoskeletal issues, dementia, respiratory diseases, psychiatric issues, and many more.

If someone is suffering any of these ailments, it doesn’t deem them incapable of driving. However, they may be subjected to legal limitations. Driving limitations and restrictions depends upon the person’s medical diagnosis and how it affects their driving skills.

For instance, some drivers with a known medical history of vision impairment may not be permitted to drive at night. Some drivers may be restricted from driving on busy roads if they are susceptible to unconsciousness or seizures.

Car accidents due to prescription drugs

There are medicines and prescription drugs that cause drowsiness. Such medication comes with a statutory warning and must not be consumed while driving or operating heavy equipment. If the driver involved in the car wreck is found consuming such medicines, they will be held accountable for the accident.

What should the victim of such car accidents do?

Car accidents that involve a driver with a medical condition are tricky ones. If you have suffered severe damage due to the accident and want to get fair compensation, it’s always advised to seek help from injury attorney Virginia Beach

In such cases, the plaintiff should prove to the court that the at-fault driver has a medical condition that renders them unfit to drive. Moreover, one must prove that the driver was aware of the medical condition and must have taken care while driving. If the driver’s fault is established at the court, the plaintiff is entitled to compensation against the property’s damages, medical expenses, sufferings, etc.

 If you are diagnosed with any life-altering medical condition, it’s essential to practice safe-driving habits. One must discuss safe-driving with their doctors to get treated for health-issues that impact hearing, coordination, and motor skills. Getting annual health evaluation is another essential aspect of careful driving.

Annual and regular visits to the hospital will not only help you detect any potentially fatal health issues; it will also help you get an early diagnosis. Whether you are a young driver or someone stepping closer to elderhood, it’s essential to undergo routine health screening and blood tests.