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3 Payouts You Can Win in A Mesothelioma Lawsuit

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Unfortunately, many people who have worked in construction, the military or the auto industry have probably been inhaling asbestos for decades depending on how long they worked in the industry and how old they are. This can lead to cancerous developments in their later years that significantly shorten their lives and leave families without a loved one far too soon. It’s estimated that 3,000 people will die from mesothelioma each year. If you or your family have been affected by this devastating diagnosis and want to learn more, here are three possible compensations you could receive if you choose to file a legal case.

1. Economic Compensation for Upcoming Costs

When diagnosed with a terminal illness, one of the first questions that runs through a patient’s head is: how will I ever be able to pay for everything that goes along with my care? Even with good insurance, the bills can be overwhelming. If you employ a lawyer who wins your case, you can see all of your upcoming treatment-related expenses covered by the company you sued. That includes medications and prescriptions, rehabilitation and therapy, in-home care and palliative care. Winning a settlement would provide significant peace of mind for you and your family because of the financial assistance.

2. Economic Compensation for Pain and Grief

While this isn’t as black and white, your lawyer can argue for a payout related to the mental and emotional stress associated with a terminal illness diagnosis. While money doesn’t take away the sadness and grief associated with mesothelioma, it can help promote some sense of “payback” for what you’ve undergone.

3. Economic Compensation for Unlawful Death

If your loved one has already passed, and you feel angry, alone and ultimately lost, you aren’t alone. Saying goodbye to someone is hard enough, but when they die from something, they had no control over and were exposed trying to make a living, the emotions hit harder. As a surviving family member, have the right to sue for financial compensation for their death. This type of case would be civil and would grant you the opportunity to hold the parties responsible for contributing to your loved one’s wrongful passing.

It’s true – money can’t buy happiness and won’t be fully able to replace the sorrow and misery that accompanies a terminal diagnosis such as mesothelioma. However, knowing there is some action you can take and retribution you can achieve gives some sense of peace in a terrible situation.