June 19, 2024

Custom Brokerage companies in Canada offer easy import of goods and items. You can hire the companies if you are an individual and also if you own a business and want to import items in bulk. In either case, providing a commercial purchase bill is necessary to avail any service. The best ways to choose a genuine company include the following.

  • Company should be licensed for practice
  • Company should be backed by customers
  • Company should have a positive word of mouth
  • Company should offer multiple purchase packages at different rates
  • Company should offer free tools like HS code search

4 Shipment Clearing Ways Offered by Customs Brokers Companies

Companies like Clearit Canada offer 4 ways of importing goods. All these have different costs and their speed of delivery is different from each other too. For your reference, the list is given below.

  • Truck Shipment Services – Truck shipment is a service given to businesses that have a bill of sale. The bill of sale should provide accurate details about the number and types of goods you’re willing to import. Also, the custom brokerage company will need the PARS information that is given by the truck services you’re using for import. PARS information includes the specifics about the overall package weight, PARS number for shipment tracking, port of crossing, and the time when the shipment crosses the concerned port.
  • Ocean Shipment Services – Ocean shipment services are one of the cheapest means of shipment transportation. Also, since the border transfer is done from one port to the other via sea, the time taken is more than other means of transportations. This is because the goods have to be unloaded and reloaded from one ship to the other that’s heading towards your destination. Also, you need to submit a commercial clearance bill to the broker company from your end and your supplier should provide the company with arrival notice and the list of packages in the shipment for a successful clearance.
  • Air Shipment Services – This is the fastest and also the costliest means of importing goods in Canada. The brokers company only needs a commercial clearance bill from your end and the list of items and the airways bill number from your supplier’s end to make a successful custom transfer.
  • Courier Shipping Services – Courier shipping services involve the procedure of feeding the courier number in the submission form provided by the customs brokers company that you choose. The rest of the clearance procedure and documentation is done by the company.