June 19, 2024

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A Worker’s Compensation will not be enough for someone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. The medical treatment for it is expensive, and you need to be compensated for this. This is why it is suggested that you hire an Ohio asbestos lawyer to take care of the legal formalities.

There are many manufacturers who dealt in mining companies but have filed for bankruptcy for the reason that they are being sued and have not just one Ohio asbestos lawsuit but many against them. However, there is an obligatory asbestos trust fund they had to create when they were running the companies to be able to compensate people who developed this deadly disease. These are things that an Ohio asbestos lawyer will understand. One can file for mesothelioma compensation under two conditions:

  • Wrongful death because of exposure to asbestos
  • Personal injury (mesothelioma) because of exposure to asbestos

Filing a lawsuit could be a tedious job because it requires documentation. Therefore, a petition is best filed with the help of an experienced Ohio asbestos lawyer.

The lawyer first determines whether or not you are eligible for the claim and if you do qualify they will then file you petition depending on the statutes of limitation which is the time available to file a lawsuit. This time is different for every state.

Depending on when and where you need to file the case there are different factors that need to be considered, and a careful analysis needs to be done before they can go ahead with the petition. The location of the defendant, the place you were exposed to asbestos, how long you were exposed to the hazardous asbestos, the severity of the disease, medical history, etc. are some of the factors which need to be worked on before a lawsuit is filed.

You can trust the Goldberg, Persky & White P.C. lawyers to execute your petition so you can be rightfully compensated.