June 19, 2024

A career in business law could lead to an extremely rewarding existence that allows you to offer worthy guidance to corporate clients when they need it most. Whether you are still in school working towards a law degree or in the workforce looking for a suitable position, your business law career never stops evolving, and you should never feel like you’ve pursued it fully. There are several things you can do to remain confident and capable as you navigate the often-challenging landscape of business law.

Viewing Education as a Continual Need

Getting educated to the point where you can practice as a business law attorney is a notable accomplishment indeed. However, it shouldn’t represent the end of formal education. Continuing legal education, or CLE, is something lawyers engage in for varying amounts of time depending on the states where they work. Critics argue that the CLE system is not ideal due to the lack of standardization and the many companies offering educational content that may not be as high quality as what’s needed.

However, whether you are required to take part in CLE or you do so on your own out of a pure desire to learn, it’s important to constantly seek out chances to grow your knowledge. The more you are able to do so, the easier it’ll be to assert that you’re an asset to every client you serve.

Keeping a Realistic Perspective

Like many people in the legal industry, you probably have dreams of making a real difference in the world by ensuring justice wins out. However, there will inevitably be instances when you get discouraged because it seems there are so many bad and unjust things in the world that you cannot possibly make a good impact.

If you find you’re starting to adopt that negative perspective, it’s a good idea to

network with other people in the legal industry, and preferably people who are more experienced than you are. They’ll be able to remind you that feeling discouraged is natural but it’s not a reason to give up altogether.

Staying Focused on What’s Possible

Perhaps there is a certain legal professional who played a big role in causing you to want to pursue business law as a career path. If you already have that kind of inspiring figure influencing your life, you’ve been given a glimpse into what’s possible. If you’re not aware of impressive people in the industry to look up to, it’s in your best interests to do research and find at least a few.

For example, Suzzanne Uhland is a San Francisco-based business law attorney who has achieved a great deal of success in the industry through her work with several high-profile clients. She has even been included in the listing of The Best Lawyers in America. Keeping tabs on what Uhland does could help you remember your own goals and why they are worthy.

Contributing to a Blog

Success in the business law industry and other sectors often comes when other people realize you have expertise that’s worth paying attention to. You can start building a strong platform by creating a legal blog and contributing to it regularly. Enable comments on your posts so people can ask questions and give feedback. Even if some of the things they say are not entirely positive, you should still take everything into account and be grateful for it.

One major advantage of writing blog posts regularly is that you can share them across your social media feeds. Doing that gives them more visibility and could help you become more prominent.

Although these are not the only things that’ll help stimulate progress in your business law career, they definitely help. Start putting them into practice soon.