February 25, 2024

Personal injury lawyers sometimes get a bad rap. The truth is, these MyLawyer.ca legal professionals can be extremely helpful in helping you resolve your case.  So when considering whether or not to hire a lawyer, don’t get tripped up by these common myths about personal injury lawyers.

MYTH #1:  You Need a Retainer to Acquire a Lawyer for Your Case

Many people who feel discouraged about acquiring a lawyer in their personal injury lawyer case report difficulty with paying the retainer.  Fortunately, the reality is that the majority of personal injury lawyers, in Ontario at least, do not ask for money up front (i.e.: retainer) in order to “retain” their services.  Typically, in a case like this you can visit a personal injury lawyer in a free consultation and they will choose to take the case because they believe you can win—and that means they will get paid, eventually.  This is something called a “contingency fee,” which means that the lawyer only gets paid if and when you win your case and you receive compensation for your personal injury.Image result for 5 Myths about Personal Injury Lawyers

MYTH #2:  A Lawyer Will Know How Much Your Judgment Will Be

Sure, when you visit a lawyer for that initial consultation they can give you a range of possible judgments when you win.  However, what the judge actually determines is owed to you depends on several other variables.  And, in addition, you can negotiate with the other party to reach an agreement outside of the courthouse (and the judge will just have to oversee the final exchange).  

MYTH #3:  I Have to Go To Court to Close My Case

Speaking of negotiations, you can often close your case without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.  As a matter of fact, most of the work that lawyers do is outside the courthouse. This includes researching laws and existing trials and negotiating with the other party to reach an agreement.  You only need to go to court, actually, if all the parties involved are not able to reach an agreement and need a judge and/or jury to decide the outcome.

MYTH #4:  I Will Not Receive My Compensation Right Away

Circumstances pending, you can receive compensation in your personal injury case in very little time.  The more complicated the case (or the more negotiations), the longer the case can last.  Fortunately, most personal injury cases are straightforward so these cases are often resolved quickly.  

MYTH #5:  I Do Not Need a Lawyer

It might seem obvious that the other party is at fault and owe you compensation for your personal injury but there is more to a case—and your compensation—than just proving fault.