April 15, 2024

There are court cases you can fight on your own. And then there are cases where it will be a terrible idea to represent yourself in a court of law. Cases involving compensation, criminal charges etc. are best dealt with by hiring a professional lawyer. And if you are unconvinced whether the expense you bear in hiring a lawyer will be worthwhile or not, check out the seven reasons below.

Full Knowledge Of Law

Face it – the law is very complicated. And on top of it, you barely have any idea of law. If it were a small issue, like speeding tickets and so on, then you may have been able to fight for your side by yourself. But in big matters like accidents, divorce settlements etc., it is always a good idea to hire someone who has full knowledge of the law.


A lawyer is a third party representing your case. And since they have no relation to you or the case, they are far more likely to remain emotionally detached from it. If you try to represent yourself in court, then your involvement in the case can make you lose out. This is especially true in emotionally charged cases like a divorce. For example, suppose that you are a guy whose wife is seeking alimony in a court of law. If any situation arises in court where an accusation from the opposition makes you lose your cool and act in violent, threatening ways, then that will be very damaging for your side. A lawyer will never let such things happen.

Follow Correct Procedures

When a case is filed in the court, you will be required to file certain documents at specific times. If you are a person who is always busy with work and therefore delays filing the documents, then it can not only be a negative mark against you but can also cause you to lose the case. In addition, there will be many things in the documents that you might not be able to fill correctly due to a lack of knowledge in law. This too can make the case turn against you. Hiring a lawyer ensures that all required documents are properly filled and filed within the due date itself.

Evidence Collection

An important part of any case is evidence collection. For example, if you are in an accident and the other party is trying to frame you as a perpetrator even though the opposite is true, then you will have to collect evidence that incriminates the other person. This requires expert investigation skills that will help uncover proof against the other party. And chances are that you may not be too good with such skills. As such, it is better to consult a lawyer who has good experience with collecting evidence. Plus, lawyers will also have their own network of detectives and special investigators. And these contacts can come in handy when collecting evidence for your case.

Challenge Or Suppress Evidence

One of the key skills in the courtroom is the ability to challenge and suppress any evidence against you. And this is something that professional lawyers do the best. For example, if your wife has filed a divorce against you by accusing you of cheating, and is seeking a settlement of 50{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} of your assets, then you will need to counter any evidence of cheating that is made against you. A lawyer will be able to use all his contacts to gather sufficient information to counter the evidence. So, if the witness against you is the woman who is accused to be the one you were cheating with, then your lawyer can look into the history of the said woman and find out anything to discredit her statements, thereby invalidating her evidence against you.

Opposition Lawyer

If the opposite party has already hired a lawyer, then you should also go ahead and hire a lawyer to represent you. If you try to fight your case on your own in such a situation, then the opposing lawyer will just crush you using their expertise in the area. You simply stand no chance against them. So, don’t take such risks and find a good lawyer to fight your case.


Lawyers will have fought many cases that are similar to yours. As such, they will instinctively know which case has a good chance of winning, and which cases have a high chance of losing. You may not be able to do this. In fact, you might continue to believe that you can win the case just because you are on the right side. Unfortunately, the law does not work on the basis of whether you are right, instead, the law works on the basis of whether you can prove you are right. An experienced lawyer will know whether the evidence in your favor are good enough or not. And if not, they will be able to talk with the opposing lawyer to arrive at a settlement before taking matters into court, thereby helping you avoid having to pay a higher settlement in the future.