September 23, 2023

Bail bonds are a contract between the bail bond agency and the court where the bail bondsman usually helps you in posting a bond and eventually gets you out of jail time. But then you agree to return for scheduled court hearings. Now if you committed some criminal activities in your area, you must know these seven things about bail bonds in Jacksonville, Florida.

What are Bail Bonds?

If you are arrested and put you behind bars, the judge will determine whether or not you will be allowed to post bail or not. Usually, only those who committed heinous crimes will be denied to post bail. The judge will then set the level of bond to ensure you show up for your trial and don’t ignore. Be sure to show up for your hearing.

The Benefits of Posting Bail

Posting bail can save you from staying behind bars and also help give you a normal life after your release from the custody. If you are arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, you have the rights to get bail bond agent who will help you on the bail process; to know the rights and responsibilities of a cosigner; to know the cost of bail fees; and to get a copy of any document in relation to the bail bond and anything you might have signed.

Not All Bonds are the Same

Just in case you don’t have much idea about the bonds, they have different prices. A bail bond is not for all crimes committed, and that is where you see discrepancies. Once you are apprehended, you will go to a booking process, and you will get to know the bail amount. That’s only for small offenses. But if the crime committed is heinous, a judge will see you and tell you the amount of bail you need to post.

The Processing of Bail Bonds

When you are arrested and start a booking process, you will have the amount of bail. A co-signer can post a bond on your behalf. Once approved, your cosigner can pay the amount of bail, and you will be released. Just remember to attend scheduled court hearings. Bail bond agent or bail bondsman can only help you in facilitating your release and cannot give you legal advice. It is your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you understand your case better and get you out of jail.

The Process of Florida Bail Bonds

Once you are apprehended, you should look for a bail bond agent unless you have enough money to post the entire bail amount. The amount of bail bond is determined according to a crime you committed. If you are arrested for a minor offense, you bail is set at $5,000, you pay $500 or 10% of the bail amount to bail bondsman for you to avoid staying longer in jail. Once you are free on bail, the bail bondsman may have some control over you once you sign an agreement. He can require you to stay in a given area, to provide updates regularly, and to let them know your whereabouts.

How Does a Bondsman Take on Posting a Bond?

When you are behind bars, a booking process will follow. The process time depends on how busy the jail. Typically, the process will take one to three hours, but it will vary depending on where you were arrested, it may take as long as 12 hours. Once you make a booking process, you are advised to be polite and cooperative during the process, as this could have some effect on how quickly the booking process is completed.

Step-by-Step for a Florida Bail Bond

If you are arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, a family member or even your friend can go to the bail bondsman and provide your name, birth date and the name of the county that hold your custody. The bail bondsman will then look up the information and begin to fill in the required bond forms. You will be required to give a copy of your driver’s license, and after completing all the documents, your bail bond will be paid, and you will be released.

If there’s a person who speaks on your behalf to the bail bondsman, that person is known as Indemnitor; he puts up the money for your bond. The bail bondsman and the Indemnitor will be held responsible for your appearance on the scheduled court hearings.