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A Big Step Was Taken By New York Medical Malpractice Law Firm

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You all know that there are some statutes of limitations when it comes to an opportunity on a person’s behalf towards the lawsuit. Often people ask why they exist and who they are for. For any medical treatment in U.S. you need to familiarize with the court system which practices its judgment for those victims who seek justice against medical malpractice. Well, there are certain exceptions and some of the facilities run by municipal entities will be provided with 90 days of notification through the Notice of Claim. After this, they have 1 year and 90 days from the time of the event to file lawsuit if the claim is not resolved properly.

Therefore, such kinds of limitations are not that great for the victims of the medical malpractice especially if they got hurt in the NYC run hospitals. For a true outrageous scenario, some victims or patients could never happen to know that they were the victims of the malpractice until the statute of limitations reaches its expiration. Various patients have suffered through this. Well all thanks to New York medical malpractice law firm who are helping such victims to still get their day in the court. 

Huge Steps Towards Patients’ Rights

If a patient finds out that they are suffering from a malignant disease after the statute of limitations has run, they have two and half years from the time they knew or from the time they should have known about the malpractice. Various periods of notice to claim are not effective until the patient realize that malpractice has occurred. It happens to be a great step towards the patients’ rights who have failed to get any help against the medical malpractice or who have been misdiagnosed and later learn about the expiration of statute of limitation.