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A Defense Attorney Can Help You Understand the Drug Charges You’re Facing

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An arrest for drugs can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges and can be state or federal charges. Those who have been arrested and charged with a drug-related crime will want to make sure they understand the exact charges they’re facing as well as the potential penalties. Some of the drug charges that a person may face will include the following.

Drug Trafficking or Manufacturing

Someone who has the necessary supplies to create drugs in their home may be charged with trafficking or manufacturing. In these cases, the person may not have drugs on them, but they have the equipment and supplies needed to create them at home. These cases typically stem from a search warrant for the home or a search of the home if the police officers have probable cause. These are serious felony charges that can lead to huge fines and years in jail, so it’s imperative the accused speaks with a lawyer right away.

Delivering a Controlled Substance

If someone is caught with a sufficient quantity of drugs or there is the belief the person intended to sell the drugs, the accused could face a charge for delivering a controlled substance. This can happen if the accused has a large quantity of drugs in their vehicle or home, if they’re stopped by the police in the middle of a sale, or if they have any items that could indicate a sale is probable, such as scales, baggies, or a significant amount of cash. Depending on the amount and whether the charge includes delivery, the accused could face serious penalties and needs legal assistance fast.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Having illegal drugs or controlled substances could lead to a possession charge. This includes any prescription medication without a valid prescription or anything labeled as a controlled substance. The accused does not need to have the drugs in their possession but can be charged with this if they are near the drugs. Someone in a vehicle, for instance, can be charged with possession even if the drugs are in the glovebox. This charge can include possession of paraphernalia and can be elevated to be more serious in certain situations. Having a lawyer can help reduce the potential penalties if the accused is convicted.

Elevated Possession Charges

If the accused is stopped and searched while in a school zone or other places that are deemed a drug-free zone, they face elevated possession charges. In these cases, they can end up with a higher misdemeanor charge or the charge can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony. Those who are charged with an elevated possession charge will want to speak with a lawyer to see what can be done to minimize potential penalties.

If you’ve been arrested for any drug charge, you’ll want to contact a defense attorney right away. Being caught with drugs does not guarantee a conviction and there may be ways to reduce the charges or the potential penalties if you are convicted. Speak with a lawyer today to learn more about the charges you’re facing and what can be done.