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How to Find and Hire the Best DUI Lawyer in Ventura County

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DUI charges in Ventura County, California, are very strict. Unlike other counties, they are not reduced to lesser charges, nor can anyone avoid penalties by filing a plea bargain. Having the right Ventura County DUI lawyer by your side is of utmost importance as they are the only ones who can present your case in the fairest light so that you have to suffer the least penalties and jail term.

Here are some points to keep in mind when looking for a DUI defense attorney in Ventura.

  • Knowledge of Ventura DUI Offence and Laws

Since DUI laws in Ventura county are far more stringent and complicated than in other regions, simply hiring any DUI attorney will not do. Choose a lawyer who has ample experience working in Ventura and knows the laws of the land when it comes to driving under the influence. It can be next to impossible for a lawyer from another county or state to understand the gravity of the charges in Ventura.

  • Experience in Negotiating DUIs

Once you are charged with DUI in Ventura County and you are proven guilty, there is nothing that can stop you from being sentenced. The question is, how far can you reduce the term? An experienced Ventura DUI lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf and reduce the jail term and penalty fees to the extent possible.

If you are not at fault, they might even get it down to a first-time misdemeanor, and you can get away with only 48 hours in prison and your driver’s license revoked for a couple of months. However, to do that, the lawyer has to know how to investigate the case and which kind of proof to present at court to make this happen. Only a lawyer experienced in Ventura DUI cases can help you with that.

Focused on DUI

While there are many competent defense lawyers in Ventura, not all of them are experts in DUI cases. This is a niche that needs very deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of circumstantial evidence and proofs. While general practitioners could have helped you out in any other county, nothing but the most focused DUI lawyer can help you in Ventura.

They should be able to counteract evidence presented by the prosecution, know about constitutional rights, analyze field sobriety tests for themselves and know all about the implicating laws of the county. Hence, do your research, and speak to several lawyers before hiring one.

Hiring a Ventura County DUI lawyer is your best chance to reduce penalties in a DUI case. Keep an eye out for lawyers who seem unsure or unprepared with your case in the first consultation after you have sent them the details beforehand or who seem to be making false promises.

An experienced lawyer will never try to send your case over to another firm and still ask for fees as commissions. If you research beforehand, you will be able to locate the best lawyer to handle your case.