June 19, 2024

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Once an accident has occurred in the company, many participants ask themselves what the right procedure looks like. And this question is not insignificant. Because in the wrong approach insurance benefits can be denied and eternally ongoing litigation arise.

The Analysis of the Accident

After the first aid and the alerting of the persons responsible, it is first necessary to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation. It must involve different groups of individuals:

  • The accident victim
  • The employer
  • The responsible executives
  • The assigned security specialists including the security officer
  • If available: the present witnesses

The Works Council

In any case, the works council ensures that every evidence on the accident is recorded and secured and that all witnesses present are recorded and interrogated by name.

The Continuing Medical Treatment

Accidentally-injured workers should consult a general practitioner after completing the accident investigation. This has once clarified the medical background, the degree of injury and necessary treatment measures.

The Message from the Employer

Company management is required to report to in the event of an accident at work that causes a sick leave of more than three days. This must be done even if the consequences of the injuries are considered low. Because this can lead to fatal misjudgments. If drastic long-term consequences are noticeable and the report has previously been omitted, the accident insurance will very likely refuse the benefits.

Injury and Sickness Benefit: In the case of an accident at work or an occupational disease, there are different financial supports. From the seventh week of incapacity for work, the company manager is no longer in the payment obligation. This will be taken over by the relevant professional association from this point in time.

In addition to the injured allowance, which is to secure a livelihood in the event of an occupational accident with long-term consequences, there is also the option of reimbursing costs relating to rehabilitation measures. These include:

  • The conversion of a car,
  • The transformation of the apartment or a workplace,
  • Special footwear,
  • Wheelchairs and
  • Crutches.

Thus, the employers’ liability insurance association strives after an accident at work to ensure that the affected employee can find his way back to working life. If the accident victim manages to return to work subject to social insurance, the payment of the injured payment ends.

Generally, injured money is tax-free. However, this must be stated when preparing the tax return as it is used in calculating the tax rate.

Claim for Compensation

Often comes the question of whether after an accident at work and compensation for pain needs to be paid. Here it should be noted: Only in a few very specific cases are superiors obliged to make payments of this kind. Because for these certain liability privileges apply. Even with small security flaws in the enterprise employers can’t be obligated so simply to the payment of penalty money.

And otherwise, there is hardly any claim to this special achievement. It only looks different when the accident happened deliberately.