October 3, 2023

With the rise in the level pollution and lifestyle diseases, people have started to opt for bikes as a better mode of transportation, as it helps to keep one active and is an environmental friendly option. In order to avoid accidents both the motorcyclist and cyclist need to be watchful. It should be noted that that the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act, gives an equal right of way to both the motorist and the cyclist. However, one should always be aware as to how to tackle such a situation properly. Following are a few tips to follow in case of an accident, Wegner’s, a Serious Injury Law Firm https://www.wagners.co/ , will guide you through the rest.

Things you should do right after the accident:

The first thing to do after the accident has taken place is to inform the police. If there are any witnesses around, ask them to stay until police has arrived at the scene of the accident. Check yourself for injuries and seek medical help immediately if needed. It is important to make sure that the other party involved stays at the scene, in the meanwhile take down their name and contact information along with their insurance information. Take pictures of the damage that has been incurred and an injury, if possible for future reference.

Is the cyclist/motorcyclist entitled to any special benefits in the case of an accident?

According to the Section B of Insurance, there are no fault mandatory benefits to which the motorcyclist/cyclist is entitled to in the case of an accident. If you have endured any injury on collision with a motor vehicle, you become entitled to no-fault mandatory benefits from the insurance which covers the vehicle, which has collided with you.

Medical benefits, travel expenses and expenses for the wage loss incurred for missing work of employment, form an integral part of the no fault mandatory benefits. Physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, assistive devices and medications are a few things that fall under the medical benefits provided to the cyclist. If within 30 days of accident, you have been placed off work for 7 or more days by the physician, then partial wages might be provided to you. The benefits are provided for a period of upto 4 years with a maximum claim of $50,000 in medical coverage.

What can be done if the motorist is uninsured or has fled the scene of accident?

If you have your own motor vehicle insurance, in case of a hit and run or an accident with an uninsured with motor vehicle, according to Section D of insurance, your insurer will provide you with the compensation due to you, in place of the motorist.

However, if the situation arises that you are not insured by any motor vehicle policy and you have been in an accident with an insured motor vehicle or in a hit and run, then Nova Soctia’s Facility Association will provide you your compensation in place of the motorist.