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All you need to know about JUUL Lawsuit

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The manufacturer of the JUUL E-cigarette device has invented a device that delivers highly concentrated nicotine in the form of vapor. As per the manufacturer, the JUUL was to be the replacement of cigarettes in a safer way. It was said that it works with the heating of flavored oil, which creates vapor that could be safely inhaled by the user. This E-cigarette is the same as a USB stick in looks. But as it claimed to be safe in terms of nicotine, this was not true. Whereas the amount and risk related to this E-cigarette are much higher than the normal cigarette.

With E-cigarette millions of people were affected. This is now been an addiction for teenagers, adults and almost all age groups. All those non-adult are in a high ration that is addicted to this E-cigarette because of the unfinished growth of the brain. When this E-cigarette was launched many of the people were thinking it be just flavored vapor, and nicotine-free. When they started using it regularly they found themselves to be addicted to it.

Damages and Claim with JUUL Device

In the beginning, the E-cigarette was mainly started by all those who decided to quit smoking. It was said as a gift for them who was badly addicted to smoking. Here E-cigarette has used a safer version and as a replacement. But with the time, it was found to be very dangerous for health. Apart from all health issues many, more damages are also noted with its use. Some of the major damages are mentioned below

Exploding: – It was reported by the user, that JUUL blasting. It has exploded like a bomb blast while charging. This is the risk of life apart from health reasons. Because of this explosion, many people were affected and caused death even.

Fire: – Many cases were also registered where E-cigarette was in a fire. Due to fire many of the users were burnt. Several faced severe burns in their bodies because of JUUL.

Cancer: – Apart from being addicted to JUUL, there were many more health issues related to it. Among which cancer was the major effect of inhaling this harmful vapor. As per the doctor user who has been using it from long terms, have shown some long illness as well.

Claim and Compensation

Among millions of users, some limited people were allowed to claim against the damaged they have been facing with the use of JUUL and being addicted to it. The user who was below 18 ages and was addicted to JUUL can only claim for the compensation for their addiction. The parents or the legal guardian of the addicted one are allowed as per the law to file a lawsuit on behalf.

Juul attorney here can help you to recover the claim from the damages and losses one may have suffered. Although some damages can never be recovered compensation will help one to pay their medicine bill, treatment bills if paid.