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Everything About Medical Malpractice And What To Do About It

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Name one human that hasn’t made any mistake in their life. We all make mistakes in some way or the other and end up harming other people. Often these mistakes are caused due to negligence and may end up hurting others. But what if we tell you that you aren’t liable to pay for the damages caused by someone to you. You are entitled to file a lawsuit, and Hutchison & Stoy would help you in every step of the way. These lawyers act as a kind of civil litigator, and are experts in assisting plaintiffs who have ostensibly suffered physical or emotional injuries at the fault of negligence or carelessness.

Personal injury cases are legal disputes when one person is harmed by someone else or from an accident. Hutchison & Stoy experiences in personal injury cases who would document the process and get you the settlement you truly deserve.

Personal injury cases might either affect you physically or emotionally, but immaterial of it, you deserve the compensation from the legal dispute.

Medical malpractice is not that we come across frequently, but when it crosses our path, we are often left clueless. Don’t sweat it. We got you covered! Medical malpractice is when a health professional like doctors, nurses, or even hospitals causes injury to the patient due to carelessness. Negligence that leads to a failure of diagnosis or other unacceptable errors during the performance of surgery fall under malpractice.

To give you a clear idea here’s what falls under medical malpractice and what doesn’t:


The most known malpractice would be surgical errors. Surgical errors like damaging a nerve, wrong operation, or leaving a foreign body inside the patient during a surgery come under surgical mistakes. Even anesthesia-related negligence is a potential medical malpractice case.


A misdiagnosis that leads to infections, tumors, blood clots, or even heart attacks is considered a medical violation. The consequences of misdiagnosis can be life-threatening, and with the right evidence, you can contact your lawyer for support.


Medication errors are prevalent. Either an extra dosage or a wrong medication can lead to fatalities. Errors caused by a physician or nurse or wrong medication is a form of medical malpractice due to negligence.


Sometimes fatalities might happen during childbirth and pregnancy. Excessive bleeding, surgical negligence, long labor that might cause injury to the mother and the baby, placental abruption are a few common negligences seen during childbirth.

While the cases mentioned above are considered as medical malpractice, these scenarios aren’t applicable:


  • When the patient’s condition is untreatable:

We are aware that not all health problems can be curable. If the doctor makes decisions on how to proceed with the patient’s diagnosis through the patient’s condition is untreatable, it doesn’t fall under medical malpractice.

  • When the patient’s condition gets worse:

Sometimes doctors are unable to treat or cure illness, and during the process of the treatment, there is no guarantee that every patient can react positively to the said treatment. No medical practitioner can be accounted for a patient’s condition that has become worse. Depending upon the case, a reckless act by a doctor may also be not considered as malpractice.

Though medical negligence cases are tough to win, you can settle this with the right documents and a proficient attorney beside you. After thorough analysis and interviews with the patient, family members, and the doctors, the attorney will determine whether the case is actionable or not. These medical horrors are genuinely severe, and everyone needs to be extra cautious while in the hospital or when a medical practitioner is attending you. Hutchison & Stoy have experienced attorneys specialized in medical malpractice cases who can help you move past the pathological terrors you’ve faced.