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Ask These 4 Questions Before Finding A DUI Lawyer

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Driving under the influence has made people land up in police stations since it is considered a grave offense in the court system. The offenders have to face criminal and administrative penalties in court. Only a DUI lawyer can try and weaken the number of fines to be submitted with the court and stop the court from seizing the license of the driver.

Since the lawyer has a better understanding of the law, he or she can defend you well. However, when you are hiring the DUI lawyer, ask these questions in advance to ensure that you make the right choice.

How many cases of DUI have you represented?

When it comes to checking the background of the lawyer, it is necessary to narrow down to the number of cases he or she has been a part of. You cannot hire a lawyer who is entirely new in the field or has no clue about how to handle DUI cases.

You can go for a local DUI lawyer or try looking for law firms or an association of lawyers that specializes exceptionally in DUI cases — whichever suits your preference the best. Doing this ensures that they have enough experience of representing their clients in several drunk driving cases.

Have you specialized in a particular training program of DUI?

You must ask the lawyer if he or she has a specific degree or a certificate course that specializes in DUI law only. If you want to hire a lawyer who knows the core basics of the law and can save you from getting your license seized by the court, you must prefer one who possesses specialized training.

There are several training programs as well from different organizations that attorneys join to become a specialist in DUI cases.

What will the terms and conditions for the payment of fees?

Asking about the payment of fees can be a little awkward; however, don’t shy away, it is advised to ask the price straight up. The one hiring the DUI lawyer is entitled to know about the number of consultation fees, fees per hearing, the standard rate of representation, and extra charges if any.

You must clarify the costs to be paid in advance before agreeing on the terms and conditions. Within the terms and conditions of the agreement, mention how the payment may be made to avoid complications in the future.

What is the percentage of DUI cases in which your client got acquitted?

No DUI lawyer can guarantee that you will get acquitted, or all your penalties will be quashed upon the judgment by the court. All he or she can do is to try to convince the judge to release the driver’s license and reduce the number of fines imposed by the law.

This can only happen when you know an approximate percentage in which the court has acquitted the DUI lawyer’s client. You can also ask about the points that can be used in defending your case in front of the judge in court. Try figuring out the chances in which your case may go to trial.