December 11, 2023

Bail – the word is familiar to almost everyone. Usually we understand it – a person is released on bail or something like that. This is why most people consider bail as the amount required to set someone free from jail before a trial.

However, the real definition of bail is something else.

What is bail?

When a case is filed, the criminal or the accused are arrested by the police. They are then put in the jail till the date of their court hearing. Now, to get out of the jail, they either have the option to wait for the court’s judgment, or they have the option of bail.

So, bail is the amount of money that the criminal or the accused (defendant) pays to the law to get out of the jail till their hearing date in the court.

Usually, the amount of bail is very high and is to be paid in cash. It is not possible for anyone and everyone to pay the amount. So, the defendants seek help from bail bondsman or bail agents to pay the bail through bonds like Broward County bail bonds.

What are bail bonds?

Bail bonds are the security bonds that provide surety against the release of a defendant from jail. These bonds are provided by bondsman or bond agents from a company that provides surety bonds.

These companies are known for their bail bond services. They post the bails for all kinds of charges like felony charges, traffic rules violation charges, misdemeanor, etc. So, for any amount of bail, whether big or small, these companies can be reached for bail bonds.

There are majorly two types of bail bonds – Criminal Bail Bonds and Civil Bail Bonds.

The bail bonds are all-inclusive of the fines, penalties, debts, interests, etc.

The bail is set by the judge based on the case, the time asked by the defendant, and the charges against them. This way, some standards are set for the bail amount for each case and type of criminal. If the defendant doesn’t want to spend even one day in the jail, the bail amount is paid as per the set standards to get out immediately.

The defendants that are released on bail have to follow and comply with the ‘conditions of release’ that comes with the bail. In case of violation of these conditions, the suspect can be re-arrested and the bail is revoked.

In this scenario, if the defendant doesn’t have enough money, they seek help from bail bondsman or agents to get the bail money. These agents, in return of about 10% of the bail money or against some collateral, pay the bail money on the defendant’s behalf. If the defendant doesn’t have the collateral or money to pay, the agents can simply seek their family members or relatives to cover the bail money.

This way, the defendants can get out of the jail till their court date. This saves them from staying inside the jail till the court process is finished. So, the defendants can simply seek bail bonds like Broward County bail bonds to get bailed out!