February 25, 2024

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Before the sale of an Ashland property the bank requires that the property be inspected by certified inspection service. The Ashland Virginia inspector will go through the property from top to bottom to uncover damages, defects and other issues with a property that may devalue or change the sale agreement. In many cases the purchaser will choose to hire a Virginia home inspector in order to insure that the home or property inspection was performed honestly and accurately.

The basement of a home is the foundation upon which all other structural features of a home sits. This includes the basement. Since the basement is subjected to moisture, cracks in the foundation and every severe environmental factor imaginable, basements are notorious for issues and have been known to drastically devalue a property or even cause the property to not be able to be sold until the properties basement and foundation have been repaired to standards.

Un-proper drainage and building water leakage:

Many basement damages in Ashland Virginia occur when the building does not have the proper drainage. Some people call this “building water leakage”. The home inspector in Ashland that you hire will look for drainage and building water leakeage issues caused by clogged sewer pipes, improper roof drainage and other exterior features of the property.

Rising damp moisture:

In many old properties across Ashland Virginia that were built pre-1900’s do not have moisture resistant materials placed under the concrete slabe and basement walls before the concrete was poured. Because that there is not moisture resistant materials between the concrete, ground and surfaces the properties will gain a lot of moisture on the interior. This rising damp moisture can cause mold and health issues in a home. And ultimately may cause the property to be a health hazard. The home inspection service in Ashland that you hire will provide you with the answers that you seek about the property.

Water leaks from plumbing:

Homes that are older than 50 years will probably have had the pipes replaced at least once. If not then there might be some spotty repairs that have been made to the pipes over the years. And there just may be leaking pipes causing mold and health issues in the basement. The home inspector in Ashland that you hire will inspect the plumbing to locate leaks causing damage in the basement.

What you can do as the average person to inspect a basement:

  • If you notice musty smells or mold then there just might be water damage in the basement.
  • You can purchase a $20 moisture probe from a janitorial supply store to look for moisture.
  • Feel with your hands if you can locate the source of the leak.
  • Noticeable pooling in the basement is a sure sign of a basement moisture issue.


Most basement inspection issues are repairable, so there is no need to panic if the property that you are interested in buying or selling has basement issues. To know for sure hire an Ashland Virginia property inspector today!