March 4, 2024

One of the biggest concerns for most of the visitors while renting any car in Ireland is that one has to drive on the left side of the rod. However, the landscape and the surroundings of the Ireland is so scenic that only having a car is the best way to enjoy travelling in this country. If you have a car with you then you have freedom to move at your own pace and halt at any place for photo shootings etc.

Therefore, you must read Ireland car renting guide before you actually go for renting any car.

  1. You must pre-book the car at best rate

Before you visit Ireland, you must plan it well. You must try to get an idea about car rental in Ireland and various rates offered by different companies. You must also pay attention on following things:

  • Age of driver must be above 25 years and maximum age must be 70. For drivers who are aged between 21 and 24 and above 70 you have to pay more charges.
  • Automatic or manual option for rental, you must choose automatic stick option which will save your money.
  • If more numbers of drivers drive the car then you need to pay extra charge. If you want to split up the driving time then you can prefer this option.
  1. You must decide your itinerary before booking

The best part of car rental is that you can cancel it anytime you like and you will not be charged. Therefore, plan it ahead and your routes will be decided before booking.

  1. Always go for small car

If you are not travelling in group then you can prefer to book smaller car. This will not only be convenient to drive on narrow road but will also consume less fuel. You will find it easier to park your car.

  1. Driving license

If you are US national then your driving license will be valid here and you do not need any additional thing to do.

  1. Insurance

Usually while booking car rental, insurance is not included. Therefore, you need to buy insurance at Ireland for driving on the road. In case you have American credit card then you are already covered with insurance.  Only Mastercard credit cards of one type offer this coverage. Therefore, you need to read the finer prints to know if your credit card is valid or not. You can also call your credit card provider and find that out.

  1. Few extra charges

There are few extra charges for admin fee, credit card fee, and gas charges which you need to consider while renting car. Always opt for full gas filling while returning back the car.

  1. Prefer to use your smartphone

There is no need to buy GPS for driving on the road of Ireland but use your smartphone or iPhone for finding the location.

In case, you realize that it is too much risk to take car on rental then prefer to use public transport and visit the destination where you want to go.