February 25, 2024

In the case where both parties have agreed on the divorce and want to do so amicably, the simplest way is to go through a mutual consent. Oklahoma divorce procedure saves time, money and can even be done with no engagement of a single lawyer. In order to proceed to a divorce by mutual consent, the procedure will depend on the form chosen by the spouses. It can be distinguished two cases,

In the case of a divorce by mutual judicial consent

The spouses must file a joint petition with the Family Court Judge of their place of residence. Then, the judge will summon the spouses for a hearing in which they will analyze the divorce application with each of them individually. Finally, they bring them together by calling on the lawyer to finish the procedure. In the case of a divorce by mutual consent, the spouses do not go before a judge. They mutually recognize their divorce by an agreement signed by both parties and countersigned by their lawyers. This agreement will be filed in the minutes of a notary.

Divorce quickly and amicably

Divorced previously took a long time to consider a separation but since the government has introduced a new amicable procedure you need a family law lawyer but the steps are much faster. This is possible thanks to the modernization of justice so you can divorce without necessarily going before a judge.In relation to the old procedure, the lawyer has an important place because it guides you in the drafting of the convention so that you are not aggrieved. Privilege a lawyer experienced in the family field, because it has specific knowledge for these divorces they are simple or complex. You are therefore not welcomed by a judge but a notary who has the heavy task of registering your application.You must not appear before this lawyer without a lawyer who can represent you.

Several divorces are known

The word divorce refers to the separation of the spouses but there is always a reason that motivates both parties to want to put an end to this common relationship. A lawyer helps you to see it a little bit more clearly for misconduct, mutual consent, and alteration of the marital bond or acceptance of the principle of marriage breakdown. Justice is often difficult to control, this lawyer specializing in family matters is mandatory because it will help you make the right decisions and not give in to the pressure of your former partner.

Conclusion: Lawyer less divorce procedure

Many husbands wonder how to start divorce proceedings without a lawyer. Indeed, the fees the lawyer’s fees are the main part of a divorce. However, asking for a divorce without a lawyer is impossible. But you can now file the divorce petition without a lawyer and if your financial condition is week then you can get the help from the court to place the case in your favor. The intervention of a lawyer is mandatory, whatever the reason for the divorce. Only in the case of divorce by mutual consent, spouses have the opportunity to take the same lawyer to reduce costs.