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Injured at an Amusement Park?

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The last thing that will be on your mind as you walk into an amusement will be an accident, leave alone death. You know that you are going to enjoy yourself and return home safely. However, you need to understand that amusement park accidents occur. In a 20-year study that was released by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, researchers established that injuries on rides at amusement parks across the United States were far too common.

The report recorded an average of 4,400 injuries annually. Keep in mind that this figure doesn’t include data on adults who visit these parks. Therefore, the big question remains; what are you supposed to do if the worst happens and you get injured at an amusement park? Read on to find out.

Can You Sue an Amusement Park?

Let us start by answering this essential question that will be on your mind when you are injured in an amusement park. Just like any property owner, all amusement parks across the country have that legal responsibility to ensure that their property is safe and secure. If a visitor suffers a bodily injury that could have been avoided, if the managers of the park could have taken put in place preventative measures, then the injured person can successfully sue the park for compensation. However, doesn’t be the judge to decide whether the accident could have been prevented or not. Instead, contact an experienced Legoland California Injury attorney who will review your case and advice you accordingly.

Pursuing Legal Action Against an Amusement Park

Although it might be a little bit tricky to pursue legal action against such a park, your options will be limited in the event of an accident that results in bodily injury. Even before you contact an amusement park injury lawyer, make sure that you accomplish the following:

  • Collect all the evidence that you can from the scene of the accident including photographs if you can.
  • Seek medical attention that you require.
  • You should also document all the losses you incurred due to the injury such as missed opportunities, lost wages, and medical costs.
  • Remember to keep track of all the paperwork from your insurance and doctor visits.
  • Don’t say anything about the case. Don’t talk to anyone about it except your attorney.

Who Is Responsible for an Amusement Park Injury?

You might be wondering how you will navigate through your case when you even don’t know who is responsible for the accident. Well, depending on the nature of the accident, the legal responsibility may rest with the park owner, a concession stand owner, the manufacturer of the amusement park ride or even another company. In most cases, more than one company will be held responsible for an amusement park injury. Once you talk to your attorney about the nature of the accident, he/she will know who is legally responsible for the accident. This is one of the primary reasons why you should consider hiring a professional attorney who has experience investigating and litigating amusement injury cases.

Have you or your loved suffered injuries at an amusement park in California? Contact Johnson Attorneys Group for professional legal assistance. We offer a personalized approach to understanding your case and make you feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. Call us today for a free case evaluation.