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Best Legal Bloggers to Follow

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Can’t get enough legal information? Whether you are a student of law, a full-fledged lawyer, or just someone interested in law, there is a legal blog for you. Thanks to WordPress hosting, anyone can start their own WordPress website and begin blogging.

Due to this, there are millions of blogs that cover everything from law to raising chickens in your backyard. The only problem is finding the ones you will really like. Here are some of the best legal blogs to follow.

The Appeal

The Appeal is a great source for legal cases around the country. Not only does it cover cases, but it also covers policy changes and fights for policy change. It’s a great source of legal news and if that isn’t enough for you, there’s more. The Appeal is also home to its very own podcast, which is an excellent choice for legal podcast enthusiasts.

If you are interested in law, The Appeal is a great blog to follow.

Business Blog

Don’t let this generic name fool you, because it is anything but generic. The Business Blog is run by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and is the best place to look for legal cases, or news, when it is related to trade. Let’s face it, trading is really important to our economy and there is a lot of legal information to digest. For this reason, there is no better educator than the FTC themselves.

This blog covers everything from inside trading to fraud, which makes it the best blog to follow if you are interested in these topics.

Best Practices For Legal Education

Ever wonder what a blog run by legal professors would look like? Wonder no longer, the Best Practices For Legal Education is exactly that. It offers legal advice for law students, bar exam prep, and discussions on bar exam reform. However, what makes this blog unique is that it not only goes over tips for aspiring lawyers, but also job tips for aspiring law professors.

This is the perfect blog to follow if you are a law major or just someone interested in law education.

Constitution Day

Are you interested in how judges make their decisions? Well, it all starts with the constitution and there is no better blog to follow than Constitution Day, which is run by the National Constitution Center. Regardless of whether it’s a state court or the Supreme Court, the constitution plays a vital role in our legal institution. This blog covers supreme court cases and American history in relation to the constitution.

If you are interested in judge rulings and the American constitution, this is the blog to follow.

Faughnan on Ethics

Are you interested in the ethics of law cases? Faughnan on Ethics is a blog that covers just that. In many cases, a conclusion is made solely on the facts, but sometimes the ethics behind the case run much deeper. This blog takes a closer look at lawyer and law firm behavior and the ethics surrounding their choices.

If you are interested in labor litigation and the ethics surrounding those cases, this is the blog to follow.

In Custodia Legis

Are you curious about the world’s largest law library? In Custodia Legis is a blog about that. As you can imagine, this blog goes through historical cases and the average work days of employees in this blog. It has a rich history, with unlimited content thanks to the size of our country’s legal system. With new content every day, this is a great blog to follow.

There Are More Legal Blogs Out There

Creating blogs has become a breeze with WordPress hosting packages and the blogs here are just some of them. There are thousands of blogs to read through. The more blogs you follow the better your experience will be. Our law system is so large there are plenty of specialized blogs to follow. The worst thing you can do is only follow a few blogs. The more you follow, the better it gets.